After the euphoria of the first bets on a site like passes, every player begins to think about how to make betting a profitable activity and on which sport it is best to bet.

Each sport has its advantages and disadvantages. It cannot be said that one sport is easier to analyze than the other. At the same time, you will find a lot of information about any soccer match of the APL, and on the Norwegian championship bandy match, it is already problematic to find it. Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of betting on popular sports.

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Advantages of Betting

  • A large number of national and international tournaments for betting;
  • A lot of information about the leading soccer tournaments;
  • You can bet all year round. Some leagues have a spring-fall scheme, others a fall-spring scheme. In addition, major international competitions of national teams take place in the summer.
  • A widespread of bookmakers;
  • High odds (only in the leading leagues).

Disadvantages of Betting

  • National tournament matches are usually played on weekends. On the other days, you only have to bet on other sports;
  • Often there are arranged matches;
  • For a complete analysis, analyzing you need to study the form of each player of the teams, and it is as much as 22 people, not counting substitutes.


Advantages of Betting

  • Frequency of matches. Hockey teams play 3-4 games a week;
  • A large volume of statistical data;
  • A wide range of bookmakers;
  • A lot of resources about hockey and with the analysis of the upcoming games.

Disadvantages of Betting

  • Nothing to bet on in the summer. 3-4 months a year hockey fans remain without matches to bet;
  • Relatively low odds. Only NHL bookmakers offer high odds, but they are inferior to odds of leading soccer leagues;
  • A small number of tournaments for betting;
  • Low betting limits.


Advantages of Betting

  • Large betting limits and low margin (in NBA games);
  • Regularity of games. Every week club basketball teams play 2-4 games;
  • High-quality video broadcasting;
  • A large statistical base.

Disadvantages of Betting

  • Weak coverage (not concerning NBA games);
  • A small number of serious basketball tournaments. You can count from 6-8 tournaments, which will suit bettors for betting.


Pros of Bets

  • The absence of a draw result;
  • Relatively easy team analysis;
  • All year round betting.

Disadvantages of Betting

  • Modest coverage;
  • High margin;
  • Little information for analysis;
  • A small number of major tournaments;
  • Low betting limits.


Pros of Betting

  • Regularity of tournaments. The tennis season is interrupted only for December. In addition to Grand Slam tournaments, dozens of smaller ATP tournaments are held annually;
  • Wide lineup. Tennis is represented in any bookmaker’s office;
  • Tennis is suitable for live play. Tennis players often take the initiative from each other during games and sets, so you can bet back and make a profit on any result of the game;
  • Simple analysis. Analyzing the performance of an individual athlete is much easier than doing an analysis on each member of a soccer or hockey team.

Minuses of Betting

  • Low odds. High odds can only be seen in Grand Slam tournaments;
  • Low betting limits;
  • Dependence of the athlete’s performance on his mood, mood, motivation, etc. In this regard, team sports are better, because the weak play of an individual player does not become fatal here.

American Soccer

Advantages of Betting

  • High odds;
  • Large betting limits;
  • A lot of information about teams and individual players. A lot of statistical materials;
  • Relatively even the composition of the participants (NFL).

Disadvantages of Betting

  • Minimum of tournaments for betting (essentially only the NFL);
  • Stretched calendar. One game day a week is hardly a dream come true for novice bettors.

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We have listed the advantages and disadvantages of only the major sports. Undoubtedly, there are other sports on which you can bet, such as golf, handball, boxing, baseball, swimming, and others.

These sports are not as well covered in the press, but the difficulty in getting up-to-date information is also experienced by betting shops, so players and bookmakers are on an equal footing. It is possible to become an expert in any sport, you just need the desire and a lot of free time to study it.

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