Conventional betting on the outcome of a match before it starts is very simple and ideal for novice players, but betting during a match is becoming increasingly popular among advanced bettors. Want to know how these eSports bets work and how you can make money on them? Read on to find out how.

When players aren’t playing, but rather sorting out how to bet on eSports and gaining knowledge about the specifics of the game, betting on eSports during a game can provide a great opportunity to differentiate between effective odds and ineffective odds provided by a betting house and profit from cyber sports betting.

What Are Live Bets on eSports?

Cyber sports betting (sometimes referred to as LIVE cyber sports betting) has one major difference from regular cyber sports betting: everything happens live. This means that all markets are offered between the start and end of the match.

If you want to be successful with in-game eSports betting, you need to know how different types of bets work and what can change the end result during the match.

These odds can change every few seconds, so it’s important to react quickly if you want to make a good bet. If you’re an eSports fan, you’ll probably keep an eye on what’s going on. But if your main goal is to profit from betting, you need to be able to analyze the odds and find value at the same time.

Advantages of Live eSports Betting

The main advantage of eSports betting once the game has started is that the player gets a chance to assess how the match is going, how the teams are performing. This allows for a more accurate analysis compared to pre-game predictions.

This is not to say that analyzing the match before it starts is not important: it is an important part of any cyber sports betting strategy. However, if a player supplements the pre-game research with important details noticed after the game has already started, it can help players find good odds in the live betting markets.

eSports Live Betting Options

Pinnacle offers a wide range of live cyber sports betting options. Dota 2, CS: GO and League of Legends are the most popular among our players.

At Pinnacle, LIVE bets are available on handicap and money line betting, as well as on individual game wins. There are also game-specific bets: you can bet on the first kill in League of Legends, first blood in Dota2, and who will win a full house in CS: GO. LIVE betting is available during all major tournaments for the aforementioned games, and Pinnacle plans to expand the LIVE line in the future.

Strategy When Betting on eSports During a Match

While there are many things that players should consider when betting on eSports, if you want to develop a strategy, you need to focus on individual games – because not only are the types of bets different, but also the type, rules, and format of the game. All of these things are critical elements of any online cyber sports betting strategy.

In addition to experience in different games, information about the strengths and weaknesses of individual teams in certain game situations is important, as well as how specific players adapt throughout the match. Any data like this will be very useful for eSports betting.

The main advantage of betting on eSports during a game is that it allows the player to assess what is going on, how the teams are performing, and to make a more accurate assessment of the match.

In LoL and Dota 2 betting, players will certainly benefit from knowing the lin-ups between individual characters, the experience of specific players/teams on selected characters – all of which affect how the match will end. It is also important to keep an eye on the progress of the match, movement between lanes, early kills, and destruction of structures, as well as how the gold and experience differences fluctuate.

One of the most important factors in betting on CS:GO is knowing the different maps and how teams play those maps. Since some maps suit terrorists or counter-terrorists (and some teams are stronger on both sides), knowing which team is more likely to be ahead or behind after the first half will help you in your betting.

Top Things to Know

If you want to be successful in LIVE cyber sports betting, you need to rely on basic knowledge of how betting works and what different types of bets mean, as well as what can affect the change in the final result during a match in different games.

You also need to know more about the composition of the teams, how they start the match, how they react to certain situations, and analyze previous performance in similar situations.

The speed of the broadcast you use to watch matches is crucial when it comes to live betting. You may be responding quickly to what you’re watching, but if someone is watching more channels with less delay, you’ve already missed out on a potential advantage.

The key to in-game eSports betting is not only identifying these triggering events but also accurately and quickly assessing their impact on each team’s or player’s overall odds.

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