The NBA off-season is the time of the year when the teams are trading players as a way to strengthen their squad for the upcoming season. So far during the 2022 NBA off-season, we have witnessed some pretty good trades and some trades that are considered to be bad decisions.

In this article, we will reveal the worst trade decisions made during the 2022 NBA off-season.

Golden State Warriors Decision to Let Go Gary Payton II and Otto Porter Jr.

The previous season was a season to remember for the Warriors, as well as for all the bettors who were making money on them at the sports betting sites. But, they will enter the new season without two of their most important role players, Gary Payton II and Otto Porter Jr.

The Warriors parted ways with both players mostly because of their salary, as they have already extended the contracts of Draymond Green, Joran Poole, and Andrew Wiggins. Whoever takes up their role for the new season, will have some big shoes to fill, especially if those are drafted players.

Orlando Magic’s Bad Call with Gary Harris

In June, Gary Harris signed a new two-year contract with Orlando Magic worth $26 million. Only the first year of that contract is guaranteed, which gives the Orlando Magic a chance to use him as a trade chip in a few months.

If that is their plan then they will have more salary to send out in a deal, which can be very handy for any club. The bad part of this plan is that Harris has had a hard time staying fit during his career. In the past three seasons, he has managed an average of 52 games per season.

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Marvin Bagley’s Contract with the Pistons

It seems like the Detroit Pistons are bidding against themselves with Marvin Bagley, just like the Orlando Magic with Gary Harris. Bagley signed a three-year contract with the Pistons in July this year, worth $37.5 million. 

In each of these four seasons in the NBA, he managed to average double figures but he hasn’t scored an above-average true shooting percentage since he was a rookie. He also stands dangerously low on blocks and steals rates, which are truly devastating stats for a player of his size.

To make things worse, Bagley has to beat out several proven frontcourt players for more minutes at the Pistons, but with performances such as the above, it will be very hard to do so. The hardest will be on the Detroit Pistons, as they will have a problem trading him for a decent player.

L.A. Lakers Keeping Russell Westbrook

So far, the L.A. Lakers have been passing on several deals for Russell Westbrook. At the moment this seems like a bad decision for the Lakers, but they still have plenty of time to reconsider it. 

There were some rumors in the early summer about a trade between the Lakers and the Nets, which included Westbrook and two first-round picks for Kyrie Irving. But, in the end, there was no deal, as the Lakers didn’t want to part ways with multiple first-round picks to trade Westbrook.

A similar offer was presented to the Lakers from the Pacers, where they would get Myles Turner and Buddy Hield, but nothing actually happened. Both trade deals would help the Lakers for the championship in 2023, as the incoming players would fit perfectly with James and Davies.

Philadelphia 76ERS Sign P.J. Tucker

The 2021-22 season with the Miami Heat was one of the best in P.J. Tucker’s career where he shot a career-high 41.5 percent from three. In July this year, Tucker signed a three-year deal with the Philadelphia 76ers worth $33.2 million.

This would have been a great deal if Tucker was a few years younger, as in May this year he turned 37. When we look at Tucker’s performances in the last three seasons we will notice that he was tied for the 265th in BPM, with a negative impact on his team’s plus-minus, and had a 36.4 percent shot from three.

It seems like Tucker’s last season was the only thing that interested the 76ers. Although a salary of $11 million doesn’t seem too big, it could be a problem if Tucker returns to his form before the 2021-22 season.

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