Deciding to deploy a VoIP phone system can be of great value for start-ups. However, before actually implementing the system there are a few things that you need to consider. Hence, we are going to discuss the important factors that you must consider before you select the best VoIP phone system for small businesses. You can make an informed decision if you assess the following factors.

  1. Create a list of VoIP feature your business need: the majority of VoIP phones offer the standard features, however, you have to focus on the features that can help your start-up. Look at the infrastructure you will have to put in place, the internet line and speed you will need, the number of phone lines you need, the implementation timelines, and whether you have an eligible team to manage the system. If your business needs advanced features then the best choice would be a managed hosted VoIP phone system. The advanced VoIP features include Interactive Voice Response (IVR), multimedia recording, contact centre call queue, mobile phone management, and Computer Telephony Integration, just to name a few. Although, you don’t need to get a system that provides all of these features right away. A provider that offers you to add or remove features based on business needs is a better choice. 
  2. Choosing a VoIP service provider: for many selecting a VoIP to provide can be an intimidating task. It’s not an easy task but it’s not that hard. You have to assess a provider based on the VoIP services they offer, the level of support you want, the timeframe for implementation, and the cost. You choose a service provider based on your business requirements, like do you need basic IP phones or a complete IP phone system? You need to ask yourself where the start-up is headed. If you want to cut on cost then a basic on-premise VoIP phone system is the better choice. But, if you need your VoIP phone to support the growth of your business then a hosted managed VoIP system is a great choice. Selecting a service provider who hosts and manages VoIP systems can make sure your VoIP services are updated with the latest technological modifications and that it performs the essential maintenance. 
  3. Which configuration you need: VoIP phone is not limited to landlines and desk phones, there is a wide range of configurations that your phone system can take. If you want to get your own VoIP phone system then you will have to set up and manage it, and you will have to make sure that your network can support it. Another factor that affects the conditions of your VoIP system is picking whether it should be on-premise or cloud-based. The VoIP UK can better meet the demands of business mobility and remote employees since they can access the phone services over any network and from anywhere, but this depends on your business needs.
  4. Do you need mobility: if you have remote workers or you have offices at different locations, your VoIP system has to be able to accommodate this? In such a case, you will need multi-location telephone management, flexibility, and advanced features that you will be able to get just from a managed VoIP service. 
  5. If you can able to manage a telephone system yourself: the IT team usually spends 35% of their time resolving problems with existing software and hardware. Is this something you can do? Additionally, to maintain the phone system, you need a skilled team to install and set up phones, update and troubleshoot them. If you do not have the skills, resources, or of course, time then a hosted VoIP system is the better option for you.

Finding the right VoIP provider

Picking the right VoIP provider depends on how well they can meet your criteria. This includes performance, cost, support, features, implementation, maintenance, and reliability. 

VoIP business is one such provider that brings you hosted VoIP solutions. The setup is easy and you get the necessary software you need. They also allow users to add and remove features easily based on their needs. With the benefits that VoIP offers, it’s time to switch services. 

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