There are many different ways to earn money online, but people tend to choose options that take less effort. Projects based on the Ponzi scheme or, more simply, the pyramid schemes are very popular. People are willing to invest money in the hope of multiplying them, moreover, there is a certain category of people who have been able to make such an investment permanent earnings.

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Fundamental Principles

Taking into account the popularity of financial pyramids, many people have the desire not only to systematically invest and multiply funds but also to create a platform for such investment, attracting other people’s investments. In this case, it is better to order an HYIP turnkey from experts. However, before you administer investment platforms, you need prior knowledge.

In the financial environment, the term «hyip» derives from the English abbreviation HYIP, which translates as a «high-yield investment program». To organize it, a legend is compiled — an idea for which the fund-raising is held. It can be:

  • high-tech startups;
  • cryptocurrency mining;
  • alternative energy;
  • healthy diet.

Regardless of the choice, most HYIP projects operate on the principle of the flow of funds, and payment of dividends to investment users, while the administrator receives a commission for cash transactions. The process is not endless — the moment comes when there is no cash left in the cashier to pay all the fixed amount. This is called a SCAM.

Those who joined the project earlier have more chances to get a plus. Those who came later, on the contrary, risk leaving some of the funds. But in most cases, investors are ready for this development, and many adequately consider such investments as a game. Especially the minimum deposit is from 10 cents to 1 or a maximum of 5 dollars. Such money is not a pity to spend at least to determine whether the offer is solvent.

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Take Care of the Project in Advance

Before you can create an HYIP project, you will need a financial base. You need to ensure:

1.  Site with attractive visuals, working without interruption. 

2.  Protection against viruses and hacker attacks.

3.  The documents. 

4.  Marketing. The more intensively you conduct a promotional campaign, the longer the project will exist and will bring more benefits to both creator and users. 

As part of marketing, it is very important to constantly update the website, to post information on it, which creates the trust of visitors and stimulates them to make new contributions. Another important point in the work of the HYIP project is the referral program for which you need to provide funds. Within this framework, each user can invite new investors to the project. To encourage him to do so, he must receive a certain reward. The more people each investor brings, the higher the chances of the project’s durability and solvency.

What Financial Strategy to Choose

HYIPs are short-, medium-, and long-term. The former imply very large dividends in a short period of time. The reward may exceed 10% and even 200% per day depending on the amount of the deposit. But if you have not previously created investment platforms, this option is better not to resort to, as the main financial resource can be quickly exhausted and the project will go to SCAM earlier, leaving in the red even admin.

Long-term HYIPs offer less opportunity to get rich quickly, but their investors get more guarantees that the contribution will pay off. There are examples when such platforms work for more than one year, so are comparable with bank deposits. But, to implement such a model, you need experience. You need to know how to support the project in force, and the main thing is to be able to stimulate reinvestment on the part of users.

An example of long-term highs are matrices and economic games. The aim of the first is to attract a maximum of referrals and stimulate their activity. As for economic games, their essence is to imitate certain economic activities. The player receives playing money, which can then be converted into real money.

Golden Mean

Medium-term projects have proven to be the best. They do not have large dividends. As a rule, the reward does not exceed 50-60% of the deposit. This helps the beginner admin to learn a new role and gives visitors a better chance to recoup the investment before the cashier is closed. Even when the medium-term project is transferred to SCAM, but the administrator has ensured the fair and uninterrupted payment of the reward due, there are mechanisms that will allow it to carry out its restart and restore the investment scheme and dividends. Consult with professionals and they will make your endeavor effective on both sides of the HYIP in USA.

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