When seeking investment advice from anyone, be it your loved ones or even a financial professional, their reply would be to invest in Fixed Deposits. It is a simple investment option that lets you earn decent interest returns. A plus point about FDs is it is nowhere linked to market volatility. Hence, it is not risky. It protects your principal investment and earns you reasonable returns.
FDs earn you returns based on an interest rate. Fixed Deposit interest rates differ between banks. You should explore the market to find the best interest rates for your investment. Furthermore, the interest rates vary depending on your investment profile. Typically, banks extend a higher interest if you are a senior citizen. If you want to calculate your FD interest returns, using the FD calculator is an excellent way.
It is an online tool that offers an estimate of your interest earnings and total maturity value within minutes. A detailed mention of the benefits and procedure for using the FD calculator is provided.


  • Simplifies calculation – You can calculate FD interest returns manually. However, manual calculations are tedious. FD calculator simplifies calculations for you. You need to enter the key investment variables, and the calculator covers the rest.
  • Time-saving – Unlike manual calculations, you need not spend endless hours and crack your brain to calculate your investment returns. With the FD calculator, a few minutes is all you need. The calculator generates the results of entering the investment variables quickly.
  • Reliable results – Despite spending endless hours, it is possible that you derive faulty results. The FD calculator eliminates room for human errors. It provides accurate results that you can rely on.
  • Decodes the total maturity value – Using the calculator, you can clearly break down the total maturity value. This provides a clear idea of your principal investment and the returns you reaped on it. For better understanding, the numbers are often accompanied by a graphical representation of a pie chart.
  • Readily accessible – You can find the calculator readily accessible on every leading bank’s website and Banking app. The calculator has a simple user interface, making it possible for anyone to use it. You can use the calculator any number of times, free of charge.

Steps to Follow for Using the FD Calculator

  1. Enter the principal investment amount.
  2. Set the investment tenure. You can invest in FDs for a minimum tenure of seven days and a maximum of 10 years.
  3. Fix the interest rates, considering the current interest rates offered.
  4. Cross-check all entered details and hit calculate.
  5. In doing so, the FD calculator online provides results almost instantly. As mentioned, you gain the total maturity value and its breakdown.

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