As a driver, it’s crucial to plan for the inevitable costs of owning a vehicle. Some costs can’t be avoided, like vehicle maintenance and repairs. Unfortunately, neglecting these costs means you’ll later end up spending even more on major repairs, or worse yet, you’ll be degrading engine reliability which puts your life and that of other road users in jeopardy. 

But when it comes to vehicle repairs, costs can be high. And if you haven’t been budgeting and saving for these costs, you might find yourself in a financial pickle.

Fortunately, we’ve listed all the ways you can pay for car repairs without upsetting your financial balance too much. 

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Mechanical breakdown insurance is an excellent policy for drivers because it covers the costs of certain repairs. This insurance policy will protect your pocket when your car experiences mechanical breakdowns, which isn’t typically covered by auto insurance. 

With this insurance policy, the electrical system, valves, transmission, brakes, oil pumps, and timing gears are all covered. So, you won’t need to worry at all about affording these repairs. 


While new vehicles are protected by a manufacturer’s warranty, older cars aren’t. Fortunately, you can still opt for an extended warranty that typically provides even more cover than the original warranty. 

Extended warranties will cover the costs of major vehicle services and the cost of part replacements, labor, and quite a few repairs. However, there are different levels of cover to consider, so look into the available options before purchasing this type of service contract. 

Extended warranties are typically pretty affordable, and Protect My Car Costs can also cover regular maintenance, making this one of the more unique warranty providers. 

Vehicle Service Contracts

You can also consider vehicle service contracts, which are sold by manufacturers, auto dealers, and some third-party service providers. These service contracts are also available for new and used vehicles. 

More often than not, these contracts provide comprehensive coverage that protects drivers from mechanical issues and part replacements. Unfortunately, vehicle service contracts do not cover cosmetic damages. 

Personal Loans

If you’re in urgent need of financing for repairs and do not have access to any of the options listed above, you should consider a personal loan. 

A personal loan can help you afford the costs of repairs. But it’s wise to compare deals with different lenders to find the best interest rate over a term that suits you. 

Auto Repair Payment Plans

Alternatively, if you don’t qualify for a personal loan or would like to avoid the high-interest rates, you could also consider auto repair payment plans. 

Specific auto mechanics and repair shops will offer repair payment plans or repair loans for their customers as part of financing solutions. In this case, it’s wise to opt for a payment plan instead of a loan because you’ll pay much less interest on the loan in the long run. 

Affording vehicle repairs is often a shock for drivers, but finding the best way to finance repairs as soon as possible is essential. Keeping up with vehicle repairs and maintenance is crucial for your safety and the long-term value of your vehicle.

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