The technical world can be a tough place if you come across errors and issues that you are not familiar with. Access database corruption can give you a tough time, leaving you with data loss if you do not have the means to resolve issues. 

In case you need the perfect tool to get rid of your Access database issues, follow the blog till the end. 

Probable Causes behind the Damaging of Access Database Files

There can be a number of different reasons why the access database files can be corrupted or damaged. Below-mentioned is some commonly known reasons behind the occurrence of this issue.

  • In case there are any issues with the hardware or if the system undergoes any sort of hardware failure.
  • This error can be caused due to sudden power failure
  • Having a lousy database can also be the reason
  • If Access is experiencing internal issues. 
  • Runtime errors in applications and programs can also lead to this error.

These are some commonly known reasons behind the access database files issue, although there are plenty of other reasons that may also be responsible for this issue. 

Now that we know about the why let us move to the how-to further know about a simple tool that can be used to get rid of database corruption issues with relative ease. 

Stellar Repair for Access- The Introduction

For the users working with Access, Stellar Repair comes as a Microsoft Access Database recovery and repair software that allows users to repair the commonly observed errors in the Access database. The best thing about this tool is that one can repair all sorts of data, including deleted records, modules, and even password-protected forms. 

Another impressive thing about the platform is that it is compatible with not only all the latest versions but also the older versions such as Access 2007. Be it the MDB or the accdb the tool can repair it all within seconds. 

Stellar Repair for Access is tried, tested, and trusted by hundreds of clients around the world to Repair Microsoft Access Database File and Recover Data.

Let us now have a look at some of the major features of the tool.

Major Features of Stellar Repair for Access

  • The tool allows the option of recovering deleted records. Access does not offer the option of deleted records of tables. 
  • If that does not sound impressive enough, the preview feature may seem intriguing to you. This feature works for the recovered files and the components. With the use of this feature, one can simply preview, recover, and cross-check the data recovered to check if everything is fine with it. 
  • It even offers a powerful search option that can be used to look through the database when you are trying to locate database file errors. 
  • The tool also supports multilingual, offering optimal performance for all regional and national languages. 

Stellar Repair for Access – How to Use It?

Downloading the software and installing the same is the easy part. What most people find difficult is how to make good use of the tool to perform data recovery. Think of it like this. 

You have a damaged access file that is not opening on Access. In such a situation, simply start by launching the application.

After doing this, click on the browse and choose the corrupted database file that needs to be repaired. As soon as the database file has been added to the software, click the “repair” button.

Once the file has been repaired, you can save the file by activating the software with the use of the license key that came with the software during the purchase of the product.

Do the same by selecting an output folder to save your file. The database file can either be saved in the default location or the location that you desire. Upon the repairing of the file, it can be accessed in the Access with ease. 

Now that we know the use and the basics of the software, let us get into the pricing. 


The professional plan costs 99$ per year and can only be used on a single system. On the other hand, the technical plan is designed for professionals who have to resolve issues for the customers and is available at 149$ per year. The only difference between the two is that technicians can be used on multiple systems. 


Recovering database files has never been easier. The tool can be a go-to solution for users who work on Access frequently. If you are facing some severe issues with your database files, simply make use of the tool to ensure that you don’t have to build the database from the very beginning or lose any data in the process.

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