A lot of people have a mobile phone. The mobile phone facilitates a lot of tasks that would be difficult to do without it. For college students, having a mobile phone can be very beneficial. 

One of the many reasons that phone apps for studying are very important is that they can be very easy to use. This means that you can sit down and figure out the app fairly quickly. Phone applications usually have lots of sorting capabilities, so you can organize your information according to what you need it for.

There are a number of helpful apps that can help students manage their time and stay organized, keep up with assignments, and network with other students. Students often ask the question, “Which app is best for school students?”.

In this article, we’ll answer this question and discuss some of the best apps for students. So, if you are also a student and looking for the best study apps along with some others, then keep reading this article.

12 Must-Have Student Apps:

Schools and policymakers have taken certain decisions which further have made the education standards a bit better, which is why the apps mentioned below become a necessity.


RefME is a must-have software for students who are juggling two or more assignments and require help with citations. The application has a database of thousands of sources and can provide instant citations in different styles, including MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, IEEE, and so on.

People can search thousands of curated educational resources and can also read articles directly from within the software program. The platform always keeps track of your activities, so you can start again right from where you left last time.


Evernote is software that allows people to save notes, photos, emails, and other content. They can access their saved items from any device- whether it’s their personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

Evernote has millions of active users worldwide. A student may find this tool useful because the app automatically backs up everything they put in it, so they never have to worry about losing anything important.

Office Lens:

With so many apps available for students, one of the most significant is Office Lens. This software turns any photo into a document that can be printed or shared with other people. 

It also lets you scan business cards, receipts, and whiteboards onto your phone. Best of all? You can erase or edit unwanted text from any photo with just one tap using OCR technology.


Phone apps have become a necessity for students, as they can help immensely with daily life. One of the most important aspects of phone software is its mind mapping abilities. Simple Mind is one of the best apps for this. 

It is easy to use and gives students a simple-to-use platform that allows them to draw out anything that may be on their minds. SimpleMind can be used for different fields, including business, education, legal, etc.

Google Drive:

Google Drive is the perfect tool that allows students to access their documents from any device, regardless of where they are. Google Drive has many different features that are helpful for students. 

The first is Google Docs, which allows students to type notes, essays, and research papers and share with other people. Other features include Slides, which allow them to put together presentations with other people. 

Another great feature is sheets, which they can use to create spreadsheets. Google Drive also allows you to store photos, videos, and PDFs on its cloud storage system.

Scanner App:

Scanner App is perfect for students who need to scan documents for class assignments. The app allows you to take a photo of any document, and save it in PDF form. It also scans business cards, letters, IDs, passports, etc. using the phone’s camera. 

The Scanner App for iPhone also allows users to extract the text from the image using OCR technology and edit it as needed. Students can directly sign any document within the app along with some other amazing features.


Grammarly is a must-have tool for students who want to improve their writing. It offers an online proofreading and grammar checking tool, which can be accessed from any internet-connected device. The app is available free of charge and has millions of downloads.

Oxford English Dictionary:

Oxford Dictionary is a must-have app for students. It’s the perfect dictionary and thesaurus because it has so much information available for students. The Oxford English Dictionary can be accessed on mobile devices as well as other devices, which makes it an incredible resource. 

It also has other features including, audio pronunciation, voice and camera search, etc., making this app even better than just a traditional dictionary and thesaurus.

Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office is a must-have for students as it provides them with the necessary tools to complete academic tasks. It also allows them to make their presentations and assignments more visually appealing. 

For example, PowerPoint can be used to create a slideshow of images and videos, while Word is a word processing program that helps users format print-ready papers. 


Mathway is an incredible math tutor that goes beyond the traditional tutoring one would get in school. It can solve any type of math problem and will show step-by-step how to complete it. This is an amazing resource for students who are struggling with their math homework or want help understanding a concept in math class.


Lists are the bane of student life. Between grades, deadlines, and weekly essays, it can be difficult to remember what needs to be done. Luckily, there are some great apps that solve this problem. Any.do is one such app that helps students stay on top of their to-dos with its simple interface and goal-oriented features.


Pomodoro is a time management app for students to help them keep track of their time and stay focused. Pomodoro uses the Pomodoro technique, which strategically breaks up work into manageable intervals that can be accomplished in 25-minute chunks and followed by short 5-minute breaks.

In conclusion, the importance of having the right phone apps, to make studying easier, has been demonstrated. Many different apps can help students with their workload and keep them on track.

Therefore, students need to be aware of all the different apps that are available to them. 

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