Whether you are launching a new tech startup, or looking to keep your family’s intergenerational business up to date, checking out these marketing trends will help you attract more of the customers you most want. 

Things driving these changes in marketing include lifestyle changes after COVID, global customers, and technological advances. Here are six marketing trends to keep an eye on and try out over the coming year. 

Give Your Brand a Purpose

Consumers are becoming more and more conscious when it comes to ethical consumption. Studies are reporting that consumers want to feel like the items they purchase contribute to a larger cause. This will allow your customers to contribute to something larger than themselves. 

One example of this is the outdoor clothing and equipment company Patagonia. The owner recently converted the entire company into a non-profit organization. It dedicates all of its excess profits to the preservation of the environment. This is an example when the purpose of the company, protecting the environment, goes well with the outdoorsy spirit of its customers. Plus, they grabbed some headlines, which brought a lot of attention.

Get on Social Media

Social media provides some specific advantages. If you hire a community manager, they will be able to build your brand and its network on the various social networks. Whether it is marketing on TikTok or Instagram or Facebook, you will not regret it. 

These channels give you a different way of accessing potential customers. When it comes from social media, it can feel like a friend or family member is recommending it to you. These networks are only likely to grow. Whether doing paid ads, developing an organic traffic strategy, or using influencers, social media marketing is among the most effective. 

Free Trials and Bonuses

If you are confident in your product, a good way to share this with your customers is via a free trial or bonus. This will allow customers to get to know your product, try it out, and see how it fits into their lives. More and more companies are trying out this new trend.

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Mixing Physical and Digital

Whether in terms of your employees or what you are offering your customers, these sorts of mixed experiences are quickly becoming the norm. You may miss out on the best marketing professionals if you insist on them working in the office. 

This will also make them more capable of delivering marketing experiences that mix digital and physical elements. Whether in the form of the metaverse or digital augmentations of physical spaces, expect to see this sort of mixing more and more in the marketing world. As the 5G network expands, this makes it easier and easier to do more complicated events, digitally speaking. 

Inclusion and Diversity

Once again, this marketing trend is both in the front and back of your operation. In other words, this type of diversity should be reflected not only in your marketing campaigns, but also in the employees who are launching these marketing campaigns. 

If your employees are diverse, then they will more naturally be able to create effective marketing campaigns featuring diverse models and directed towards diverse audiences. 

More Externalizing Marketing

With new technologies and increasingly global audiences, marketing is becoming more and more complicated. This is why marketing companies are taking more control. Doing this work in house is becoming more complicated as the amount of expertise you need grows. 

Some of the specific roles to consider hiring for your marketing needs would be brand manager, community manager, content marketer, and digital marketing specialist. But many marketing companies will have all of these experts together. Plus, if they all work in the same company, they will better be able to align their efforts, maintaining a coherent public image.

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