Seniors who are less mobile and active tend to sleep in a recliner more than others. They also tend to slouch more than others. It is often difficult for seniors to get up from a recliner. They may find it difficult to walk around, even if they are well-rested. This can be difficult for seniors who need to be mobile.

Things Seniors Should Do

  • Seniors should try to be as independent as possible when they are older. They can usually still do most of the things they used to do. They will be less mobile after they have reached a certain age and should seek out help. Seniors can find that they feel stiff and sore after sleeping in a recliner. This stiffness and soreness can cause discomfort for an older adult.
  • An excellent way to ensure that a senior can stay as independent as possible is to find a senior community. Seniors living in senior communities are usually less mobile. They also find it easier to get around. Seniors in these communities are generally thrilled with their living conditions.
  • Seniors need to plan their lives. Seniors should plan where they will want to spend the majority of their time. If they have a job that takes them to a specific location, they will need to find a place close enough to get there and back quickly. In many cases, seniors who live in senior communities do not move often. This helps keep them independent and less mobile.
  • Seniors may wish to participate in activities that they enjoyed as they were growing up. Activities that bring enjoyment and exercise are always good choices for seniors. Such activities may include outdoor activities, dancing, and sports. These activities help to burn off extra energy.

Healthy Sleeping Reclining Chairs for the Seniors

Senior citizens are usually more passive and less mobile than their younger counterparts. This is why you often see older people in doctor’s offices, hospital waiting rooms, or sometimes even in nursing homes that look like a resort. Unfortunately, the senior population also requires special accommodations, especially when it comes to sleeping. Seniors are often at risk for insomnia, a condition where they cannot fall asleep quickly. When this happens, the lack of mobility makes it difficult for them to get in and out of bed. They also start losing track of when to eat, what to dress, and how often to wash sheets.

Fortunately, there are various recliners on the market today that can be adjusted to fit any senior citizen’s needs. One is sure to check any senior citizen’s preferences, but it also depends on the senior’s physical capabilities. You need to find the right one. Here are some tips for healthy sleeping in a recliner.

  • First, find a recliner that is designed for seniors and is comfortable. One of the most important factors when buying a recliner for seniors is comfort. If the seat puts too much pressure on the spine, chances are the person will not get a good night’s sleep. If the chair’s back does not recline all the way, then the person will not be able to sleep in it comfortably. Ensure the chair has the proper padding to provide a comfortable sitting position and the appropriate angle to offer a backrest.
  • Second, choose the right one. The right one for seniors depends on several factors. For starters, do you want a chair that is motorized? Or are you okay with the traditional push-button switch? If so, you will have to shop around to find the best buy.
  • Third, make sure the one you are planning to purchase offers plenty of legroom. This is especially important for seniors who find themselves slouching while they are resting. Even if the chair provides legroom, make sure it is wide enough by sitting on it twice. This will help you reach across to adjust the height. Remember that the last thing you want to do is slump in your chair. You will not feel very comfortable once you do this.
  • Fourth, choose a chair with neck support. It should fit properly around the neck. There should be no gaps or rattling. Some chairs, especially those made for seniors, come with built-in throat supports, which are a great idea to prevent snoring.
  • Fifth, make sure the chair base is sturdy. Seniors often slip on the low back support when they sleep. Make sure the license is adequate to avoid this. Also, check if the armrests are adjustable. Some seniors complain that the armrest is too high, making them uncomfortable. Look for an adjustable armrest as well. Another critical aspect of choosing a senior home care provider is the senior health professional’s bed. Since you will be spending so much time in your old home, you want to make sure the bed is comfortable and supportive. Look for mattresses that offer support either from the top bunk or from the bottom bunk. This way, you will not have to worry about slipping when you get up during the night. Sturdy chairs will also help you pull things, and that can also be said as the best way to move a mattress.·
  • Sixth, make sure the flooring is safe and accessible. Since you will be using your senior home care provider, you may have to deal with some restrictions on using the house. Make sure your floors are non-slippery and carpeted to prevent slips.
  • Seventh, find out if there are any activities your senior requires. If there is an activity your senior cannot do because they are too ill, then maybe it’s time to change the arrangement. A better deal may include having one senior do light housekeeping and errands and another senior be the primary caregiver. You may even be able to include one of your family members as a caregiver. This way, the senior can still enjoy living in the house but know that others can assist in times of need.


Finally, do not forget the emotional and spiritual support your seniors need. It is often overlooked that seniors live very different lives than we do. They need regular exercise, lots of social interaction, and even emotional support from friends and family. Even if you cannot provide all these things, your seniors will greatly appreciate your help and efforts to make their senior home care less stressful.

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