People barely have time to unwind and allow themselves some sleep with how fast-paced life has become; the issue only intensifies as their mind refuses to relax after being over-active all day long. According to statistics, 7 in 10 people suffer from falling asleep or maintaining a good night’s sleep. 

We all know how valuable sleep – quality sleep – is, not only for physical wellbeing but also for mental health. Going to bed is imperative and letting the mind and body heal after a long day’s work. Suppose you are someone who is having trouble with falling asleep or maintaining sleep. In that case, you need to look into using products that combine CBD and melatonin – especially CBD melatonin gummies.

Wondering how CBD melatonin gummies for sleep can help? Here’s everything you need to know. Let’s start by looking at what CBD and melatonin are before moving on to take a look at why CBD and melatonin help induce sleep. 

CBD: Here’s What It Is 

If you are already here, then you probably know what CBD is but let’s take a brief look at what it is all about. CBD refers to cannabidiol, which is the most potent and active compound derived from the cannabis plant. 

It is known for its healing and calming properties, relaxing the body and healing without causing the euphoric high, which is generally associated with cannabis. CBD is rapidly gaining popularity and has become the most sought-after supplement in the healthcare world.

In regard with this, consider reading the following as well:

Melatonin: Here’s What It Is 

Melatonin refers to a hormone secreted by the brain’s pineal gland in response to the absence of light. It regulates the sleep-wake cycle by inducing sleep at night and urging the body to wake up in the morning.

The presence of light at night, amongst other reasons, can block off melatonin production and disturb the sleep-wake cycle. Since it is a challenging task to recover from the loss of melatonin production, experts have come up with synthetic melatonin in supplements.

Let’s look at how CBD and melatonin can help induce sleep and how it is fruitful to combine the two for great results.

CBD and Sleep: Here’s How It Works

According to an article by the Sleep Foundation, CBD helps calm the nervous system and remove mental stress that prevents sleep onset.

It interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the human body, which is responsible for maintaining balance to restore regular functioning. As per this, CBD can impact the pineal gland and stimulate it to produce the appropriate amount of melatonin at the appropriate time. 

CBD can treat more than just difficulties in falling asleep or maintaining sleep; it has also been proven to help treat people who have been diagnosed with insomnia and other classified sleeping disorders.

Melatonin and Sleep: Here’s How It Works

The primary purpose of melatonin is to regulate the sleep-wake cycle and allow the body to rest when it is supposed to. What happens in the body is that the brain responds to light in the immediate environment to produce the hormone melatonin. The darker it is, the more melatonin the pineal gland produces. 

Once it is released into the bloodstream, melatonin binds with those receptors in the body that help reduce the nervous system’s activity and allow the body to enter an inactive state. 

Let’s look at how these two compounds combine to form the perfect supplement for people suffering from sleep disorders.

Combining CBD and Melatonin for Better Sleep

According to an article by The Jerusalem Post, there are various benefits associated with the combination of CBD and melatonin, as it is much more effective than taking either of these separately. Let’s look at what some of these are:

1. It is Easier to Get to Sleep 

While taking only CBD or only melatonin will help you go to sleep, it is a lot easier if the supplement you take contains both. While CBD will work to relax the body and mind, melatonin can work by binding with those receptors that calm the activity within the body and push the brain to shut down for the day.

2. Easier to Stay Asleep

For some people, it isn’t as challenging to fall asleep as it is to maintain sleep. Taking CBD and melatonin supplements will help ensure that you get quality and restful sleep without any interruptions. CBD will help with stress and anxiety, allowing the mind to relax and slip into a peaceful state, as the presence of melatonin will help you stay asleep by keeping the body relaxed.

3. Maintaining Healthy Sleep Cycles

The combination of CBD and melatonin will give you more long-term results by rectifying the sleep-wake cycle to make it healthier for you. Once our body gets accustomed to the melatonin and CBD supplements that we consume, the chances are that they will follow those sleep patterns even as we wean off them. 

The properties of CBD complement those of melatonin, meaning that the two will only complement each other and enhance the impact of the other. It is best to take gummies that combine CBD and melatonin for the best possible results. 


If you are suffering from sleep orders and suspect that it’s because your body and mind cannot relax, you need to look into CBD and melatonin gummies for help. While you can get CBD gummies and melatonin gummies separately, it is much more effective and efficient to take ones that combine the two. 

CBD and melatonin have similar properties, and both are capable of helping with sleep disorders like insomnia, which is why their effects are enhanced when combined.

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