‘Instagram’ is one such popular social media platform that has been a target of most hackers for being so widely loved by over 1 billion active users. They prefer having account on Instagram for many purposes like: for sharing photos and reels to portray either their or their family & friends memories; maintaining their primary social-contact network and on top of sharing photos, reels, and maintaining social network through Instagram; many professional users now started using it even for marketing their product, brand or business, etc.

So, if you’re also a part of this big number then, like all, you also must have used your Instagram account for all these aforementioned purposes. Hence, either way losing access to Instagram-account can be a worst nightmare because being disconnected from your Instagram friends or community is one thing but, losing your years of Instagram pictures, contacts and customers can be devastating to another level.

However, we suggest you do not get dis-heartened because it’s not pretty much difficult to recover your Instagram account that you’ve lost access to! Wondering how? Well, for that, you need to consider reading this handy guide where we’ve discussed everything related to recovering an Instagram account that no matter has been disabled, hacked or deleted. In fact, with this guide, even those who haven’t experienced this sort of nightmare yet, can prepare themselves well in advance for the worst case scenario. So, without any further delay, let’s get started—

[Note: You have to remember that, recovery of your Instagram account could take time ranging from a few days to a few weeks because it all depends on your respective situation such as whether you’re recovering your disabled, hacked or deleted Instagram account.]

Disabled Instagram Account

If you are notified by Instagram that your account has been disabled by showing you a message when you try to log-in to your account then, there could be many possible reasons behind the same. What are the reasons due to which my Instagram account got disabled?

Well, quite unfortunately, Instagram does not provide any precise instructions on the reasons behind why accounts are disabled but; instead of that, the platform says “Your Account Has Been Disabled for Violating Our Terms.”  To be precise, those Instagram accounts that violate the platform’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Use via things like—“Hate Speech, Nudity, Unlawful Activities & Graphic Violence” will be disabled from the platform without warning. Additionally, those users who repeatedly indulge in these aforementioned activities that are grounds for action may find their accounts permanently deleted with no possible way of getting the access back.

So, consider it as a necessary suggestion that you must carefully review Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use before posting anything on your account. The same you can read here:  “Http://Instagram.Com/About/Legal/Terms/.”

How to Recover a Disabled Instagram Account?

Luckily, it’s not much difficult to regain access to your Instagram account if it’s been disabled. To start with the process of ‘How Can I Get My Instagram Back After Being Disabled?’ right after you receive a disabled account pop-up message from Instagram, click on the ‘Learn More’ option that the Instagram app itself prompts you to do so. This particular option will guide you enough through the process of getting your disabled Instagram account back. 

Other than this, there are also few realistic tips and tricks like you can run through the prompts in the app. But, you have to remember that, in order to recover your disabled account that you believe was disabled by mistake; you must have to pass the ‘Appeal Process.’ Basically, just by entering the required information related to your Instagram account, and clicking on the ‘Submit’ button, you can submit your appeal at “The official contact page.” Moreover, at some point in the process of reviewing your case, you may also be asked to submit a photo of yours for verification purposes.

[Note: You should avoid apologizing because doing so will show-case an impression that you were at fault.]

This is it. You have to now wait till the Instagram team reviews your case but, if you get no response then you can submit your appeal as often as you like and make sure to be persistent enough until you will regain access to your disabled Instagram account. So, all in all, the whole process might take a few days but, it’s nothing in comparison to the pain that you’ll experience after losing your contacts and data that you’ve archived on Instagram in years, right!

How to Reactivate a Self-Disabled Instagram Account?

Few years back, Instagram added this specific option that let you disable your account on a temporary basis when you wish to take a short break from using the same. The same can be possible only via ‘Mobile or Computer’ browser and not via the official Instagram app. Temporarily deactivating an Instagram account means the action will remove all your account’s content, and it will look like your account has been completely deleted from the platform.

However, getting access to the same is quite easy as all you have to do is just log-in back to your account on any of your respective devices and that’s it, your account will automatically be reactivated in no time.

[Note: If you have been away from your Instagram account for a long time then, you may also need to agree to Instagram’s new terms and conditions that have been put in place during that time when you were away.] 

Hacked Instagram Account

No doubt, if you look at the various available reports online, you’ll realize that Instagram accounts are one of the most frequent targets of hackers. Their motives are many like they could seek access to your private account, sell your username or steal your personal data for other heinous actions. 

How Does an Instagram Account Get Hacked?

If you’re wondering how someone can hack your Instagram account then, let us tell you that, it’s not at all an easy task to hack someone Instagram account because it’s rarely possible if the hacker gets their hands on your information like your email address, and phone number through a phishing attempt where you unintentionally, click on a link that’s been sent to you by a spammer through an email and enter your login credential details there.

But, considering that password breaches are quite common, in most cases, hackers look for an obvious or weak password that is easy to guess or crack. In fact, it becomes a lot easier for hackers to get hold on your details, if you have the habit of using the same login credentials for more than one specific platform or service.

However, no matter which way, a hacker may get access to your Instagram account, if you suspect that your account got compromised then, you must immediately take action. It is so because, the longer the period of penetration of hackers into your account, the more damage they can cause not only to your account but also to your privacy online.

Tips to Reverse the Hacker’s Action Before It’s Too Late

So, here are the following tips that you can definitely try as soon as possible because the most important thing in case of a hacked account is to act fast.

Tip 1: Check your Email

First and foremost without any delay check whether you’ve received an email from Instagram that states—‘the email tied to your account has been changed.’ Well, because the email ID that you’ve used for creating your Instagram account is the easiest way for any hacker to take control of your account. So, if you’re lucky enough to find the email then, most probably you’ll be able to immediately reverse the hacker’s action.

Tip 2: Request for a Login Link 

On the contrary, if you can’t find the email, what else you can do is request for a login link to be received on your registered phone number instead of your Instagram tied-email address that has now been changed by hacker with its personal one. Anyway coming back to the point, to request for a login link tap on the ‘Get help signing-in’ option from your (Android) device or ‘Forgot password?’ option in case of (iOS) device. Then, enter your phone number in the asked space and hit the ‘Send Login Link’ button to receive a temporary link on to the same via SMS or call. In the end, once you receive the link that Instagram sent you, tap on it and follow the further instructions from there to restore access to your compromised Instagram account before it becomes almost impossible to recover your account such as after 14 weeks—(according to Instagram). 

Send Login Link

How to Report a Hacked Instagram Account? 

If you become successful in doing so, you should then, immediately have to change your account password to a new and strong one. However, if all else fails then, instead of panicking just make sure you report about your hacked Instagram account to regain access to it. Wondering how? Well, in case you’ve no idea of ‘how to report a hacked Instagram account’ then have a look at the below-discussed step-by-step procedure of doing the same—

Execute These Steps to Report a Hacked Instagram Account

  • Step 1: Launch Instagram app on your respective mobile by tapping on the same from the app’s menu.
  • Step 2: In doing so, the login screen of Instagram will appear in front of you and on the same; you’ve to tap on the ‘Get help signing-in’ in case you’re an Android user or ‘Forgot Password?’ in case you’re an iPhone user.
‘Forgot Password on the login screen of Instagram
  • Step 3: Then, you’ll be asked to enter your details like username, email address, or phone number that are associated with your Instagram account, so simply enter the same correctly.
  • Step 4: After entering the details, tap on the ‘Need More Help?’ option and just follow the on-screen instructions accordingly to report your hacked Instagram account.
Need More Help

In this process of reporting your hacked Instagram account, you’ll be asked to verify your identity and for that, you need to send a photo of yourself along with holding a security code that you’ve received from Instagram after you finish executing the above steps. 

[Note: Keep this in mind that, if you’ll be able to regain access to your account this way then, be sure to turn on ‘Two-factor Authentication’ as soon as possible to basically minimize the chance of getting your account hacked again.]

Deleted Instagram Account

Despite that, in some cases hackers itself might delete all your posts, or they might delete your account entirely; there’s still a chance that you may be able to recover your deleted Instagram account. However, this is a long shot!

Can You Recover a Deleted Instagram Account?

If someone has deleted your account then, technically you’ve 30 days to contact Instagram to explain that you have been hacked, and you can ask them to have your account back-up because Instagram itself claims that the platform stores your data for a long time. But, in general, the answer to this question is a big ‘No’. If you or someone else will become successful in deleting your account from Instagram by using your account’s login credentials then, unfortunately, you can’t get it back. Hence, you should be very careful in sharing your social media account’s details even with your family and friends.

But yes, it’s true that you cannot restore your deleted Instagram account, you can for sure create a new account using the same email address or phone number with some limitations like you cannot use the same username, and also you’ll not be able to recover any of your followers or get access to your posted photos.

For better understanding, watch this video-

Measures to Protect an Instagram Account

While you all know that how much a strong password is helpful to keeping hackers out; we’ve come out with some additional ‘effective-measures’ that you should consider for keeping your Instagram account protected from hackers or spammers—

  • Daily check your login activity
  • Turn-on your Two-Factor Authentication
  • Pay close attention to emails received from Instagram &
  • Change your password at regular intervals, etc.

That’s all. This is the guide that not only contains the procedures about how to recover a disabled, hacked or deleted Instagram account but, at the same time it has also provided you some effective measures in the end that you can take to prevent the same from happening in the future. 

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