Men’s casual belts are usually used to show their creativity and fashion style, which is not more restricted when worn compared to formal ones. This article would guide you in choosing from a wide variety of casual belts, including the style of the buckle and the materials used on the strap.

Style of Buckle

Throughout the existence of belts, there have been various designs used for the buckle of the belt – which for some have exuded creativity. Nonetheless, here are the different styles of buckles:

  • Frame Style. It is a style that is mostly seen in a formal type of belt. It is thicker than the ones used in the formal belts, so this may be your pick when you attend a semi-formal event.
  • Plate Style. This detachable style comes with a plate that can have a wide variety of designs. It is used by hooking it and can be used to lengthen the belt that you are wearing if it is too small.
  • Box Frame Buckle. It is a type of buckle that is made from metal and is open-ended. It is used by pushing the strap of the belt against the buckle. Unlike other belts, it does not have any holes.
  • D-Ring/O-Ring Buckle. A belt contains either one or two rings, wherein its straps could be a braided one, a webbing, or a canvas. It is used by locking the strap by passing it through the buckle of the belt.
  • Snap. You can easily use a belt type because you just need to connect both buckles. It is advisable to use it when you are going out to do some outdoor activities.
  • Micro Adjust. It is a type of buckle with a “teeth” like feature, mostly made from metal. It is used by pushing the buckle’s teeth toward the strap that would allow it to be fastened on your waist.

Strap Materials

The materials used for the belt’s strap can be either leather or any other fabric that you could think of. Here are the types of material used for creating the strap of the belt.  It includes:

  • Full-Grain Leather. It is a strap material mostly used for formal belts made entirely out of a cow’s skin. It is the priciest of all materials.
  • Braided Leather. It is also made from leather but has more creativity compared with the full-grain one. It is mostly used for casual outfits because of the flair it provides to its wearer, where the strap of the belt has an added texture to it.
  • Suede. It is not sturdier compared to full-grain leather. However, it is still created with full-grain leather making it more durable. This type of strap is mostly used for making a casual belt.
  • Leather Backed Ribbon. It is also used for casual belts because it has bold colors that would make you noticeable in public. 
  • Canvas. It is worn with an army uniform, which comes with a box buckle and a stopper to fasten the belt. 
  • Webbing. Like the leather-backed ribbon, it offers a more creative style for the belt’s strap.
  • Rope. It is a belt that does not use any buckle because it is sealed by knotting both ends of the strap.
  • Vinyl. It is also used for casual outfits and is usually worn by the younger generation because of its style.

To sum it up, based on the given style of buckles and types of materials used for the strap, there is a wide variety to choose from. It is important that you know your style and how you want to look when going to any event that would help make you stand out.

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