Everyone has dreamed of adding a few inches to their height and now you can with elevator shoes! Elevator shoes are becoming a staple piece in an increasing number of wardrobes, their inverted design provides a discrete way for people to add a couple of inches. Elevator shoes have been Hollywood’s best-kept secret for decades, used to make the stars appear taller and on-trend and now they’ve become available for us! Here are a few reasons why elevator shoes are taking the world by storm. 

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The first and most self-explanatory benefit of elevator shoes is the added height. There really is no worse feeling than feeling insecure, and height can be huge insecurity for many. Having an impact on personal life, work-life, and even love life but by simply putting on elevator shoes you can look in the mirror and feel good about yourself. The added height with the inverted design means you can add the height completely discretely with no knowledge from anyone but you. This allows you to feel completely safe in your newly found height, walking tall in the understanding that there is no reason to question the added few inches. 

Heights shoes

Added height can make a huge difference in many aspects of life, whether you choose to add one inch with elevator shoes or four inches they can make a huge change in multiple ways, and the increased confidence can quite literally change a life. The increased height can change both your personal and professional life, ensuring that your height will not hinder you in any way when it comes to how you looked in your social group, dating life, or workplace. 

Sadly, it is a known fact that taller candidates perform better overall in interviews due to the increased presence they bring to the room, a similar thought process is used when it comes to dating. Elevator shoes now give everyone a chance to begin on a level playing field. You can walk into your date or interview without fearing your height and instead focus on what matters, you and your personality! 


With the added height comes added confidence! Confidence can be the difference between an unhappy and happy life, by choosing to wear elevator shoes gives the wearer the chance to put their shoes on in the morning and feel good about themself and there is no better feeling than that. Elevator shoes give the wearer the confidence to face the day feeling good about themselves and ready to tackle any situation. 

Wearing elevator shoes can have a life-changing impact on your confidence in your relationships as well as your confidence in yourself. Increasing your height can make you feel equal to friends and colleagues, changing both their outlook and your own in social settings. Elevator shoes can be the difference between you going home early because you don’t feel good next to your friends and staying out as the life of the party.

In your work life, elevator shoes can give you the confidence to own your own work-life, they may be the difference between walking in a meeting room and speaking your mind or staying quiet in the back in order to keep the attention away from you. The boost of self-esteem that comes from standing tall with your colleagues is priceless, elevator shoes allow you to be the best version of yourself! Beating any post-interview, date, or meeting nerves that you may usually experience. 

They’re Fashionable:

Men, in particular, have looked for a solution to increase their height for many years, of course, high heels despite their masculine origin are primarily seen as a feminine item and therefore not an option for the everyday man. Of course, Cuban heels were a more exactable method of adding height however still very visible and not always on-trend. One of the main benefits of elevator shoes is the element of fashion and the sheer volume of styles in which they are available. Unlike the other options to increase your height, elevator shoes are on-trend, as well as come in multiple designs meaning you can be trendy and tall no matter the occasion. As well as being fashionable to the eye they are also fashionable for your feet with most elevator shoes being tailor-made to ensure you get the most positive experience. The tailor-made experience allows you to add as much or as little height as you want, even adding a variating amount of height depending on the design, maybe you want an inch more in your work shoes than you want in your trainers. 


The fashionable design allows you to have a pair of shoes no matter the occasion bringing your newly found height into your everyday life. The variation of styles and colors allows your whole shoe wardrobe to give you the added height meaning no matter which shoes you reach for you will get a slice of confidence. 

Health Benefits 

Aside from all the aesthetic and personal benefits of the elevator shoe they also have a number of benefits for your health, after all, health is wealth so what’s not to love.

Elevator shoes are tailor-made for the shape of your feet and built in a way that ensures you have the best posture possible when wearing them. First of all, posture is a benefit in itself as good posture adds a few inches in height which you did not realize you were missing, meaning when you put on your elevator shoes you will get more than just the inches being added from your feet. Secondly, good posture means a healthy core frame that can save you from all kinds of health problems such as back pain, neck pain, and even headaches. 

Aside from all of the amazing benefits of elevator shoes, including the health benefits, they can also be an amazing alternative to offer support for health issues such as leg asymmetry, given a discrete solution. 

After reading about all these benefits it is not at all surprising that guidomaggi elevator shoes are taking over the wardrobes of millions.

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