A few years ago, if we wanted to pay someone to take us somewhere we’d have to get a taxi. These days, however, we can all choose to hire someone from a car-sharing company. Companies such as this are in more demand than ever, which means Uber drivers, for example, need to be good. 

If you’re an Uber driver, you’ll need to do what you can to get as many 5-star awards as possible. But how can you be the best Uber driver around and what does it take? Let’s look at this now. 

Know How to Get There 

Ideally, you will know how to get from one place to the other. You might rely on satellite navigation to help you, but what will you do if it stops working? Find out how to get to shopping malls, airports, hospitals, train stations, and other popular destinations. If your GPS stops working, you’ll need to rely on your memory to get you there. 

Ensure Your Car Looks Good 

Your car needs to look good. No one will want to get into a car that looks old and worn. People are more likely to enjoy their ride if your car looks good and is a pleasure to sit in. 

Make sure that you have enough gas in your car and that it’s safe to drive. You’ll also need to have the right rideshare insurance policies just in case something happens. 

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Offer Everyone a Smooth Ride 

Try not to hit the brakes too often and try not to weave in between lanes. Avoid speeding and driving dangerously. Your passengers need to always feel safe. When you brake, do so in plenty of time. If your passengers are worried about your driving, they are unlikely to give you 5 stars. 

Keep an Eye on the Temperature 

Keep an eye on the temperature of your vehicle and make sure it’s not too hot or too cold. Ask every passenger if the temperature is ok, they will appreciate this. Turn the temperature up or down at the passenger’s request. You can always set it back to your preferred temperature once you’ve dropped them off. 

Offer a Few Extras 

Offering a few extras to each of your passengers can help your rating. Offering disposable masks, bottled water, wet wipes, and places to charge cell phones, will be much appreciated. All these little extras can help your passengers to feel special. The beauty of offering all these things is that they’re very cheap. You can buy multi-packs of water, wipes, etc., and save a lot of money. Not every passenger will want to make use of them, but a few will. Even their mere act of offering these items can bump up your rating. 

Use the above tips to help you to be the best Uber driver around. Be always friendly and helpful, and you should find that passengers could love spending time in your car. 

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