The darknet attracts a large number of new users every day. Some of them visit this hidden part of the Internet just for fun. There are those who come here to buy a certain product. The danger is that the darknet is the home of many criminals. Although buying, for example, electronics in this place is usually more profitable, there is a high chance of being deceived, while the fraudster will not be punished in any way.

How to Protect Yourself from Scammers on the Dark Web? 

Rule 1

Avoid heavily discounted items. If you find a store where goods are sold at a discount of more than 50%, you should be wary. Most likely, using this “profitable” offer, you will lose money. 

Rule 2

Don’t trust directory reviews. You can watch them, but, unfortunately, you cannot trust them 100%. Some stores write good reviews themselves or pay other sites for them. One of the verification options is to register on such a site and leave a negative review. If it is not displayed along with the rest, the platform is 80% fake. At the same time, sites with exceptionally bad reviews can be created by competitors.

Rule 3 

Pay attention to the design of the site. If you can see that it was made in haste, the site is almost 100% made to deceive buyers. But even the most elaborate design is not always an indicator of reliability. Use it simply as one of the criteria.

Rule 4 

Maintain your anonymity if you intend to use the dark web regularly. In addition to using the Tor browser (or similar), be sure to turn on a VPN. It will also be useful to familiarize yourself with dark web links. Pay attention to the quality of the VPN. If you do not configure it correctly, you can face very unpleasant consequences.

Rule 5 

Manage your dark web shopping budget wisely. No need to spend all the money on the purchase of one product at once. Especially if this is an extremely tempting offer, which may turn out to be a hoax in the end.

Rule 6 

Be suspicious of advertisements for the sale of rare goods. This is especially true for illegal things, for example: – factory weapons; – false documents; – bank cards/data; – information about fixed matches, etc. Such things are either impossible to buy legally, or they will be very expensive.

Rule 7 

Use a guarantor if possible. A guarantor is a person with an excellent reputation on the dark web or a person representing the site in general, who acts as an intermediary between you and the seller. They accept money from you and send it to the seller only after receiving the service or product, as well as resolve disputes.

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By following these rules, you will become less vulnerable to scammers as a darknet user. After several purchases, you will be able to identify reliable sellers. Remember the responsibility that everyone has when using the dark web.

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