Gabigol was on the loan for Flamingo for one year and the footballer did his best and made the team win. On the other hand, Flamengo already owned Henrique, and looking at his past performances there are a lot of clubs that want both of them, to be a part of their roster.

If West Ham wants to own the Brazilian duo (Gabriel Barbosa and Bruno Henrique) then it requires to pay £25 million. The Brazilian duo was scouter by the Hammers in the Final Match of FIFA World Cup that was against the Liverpool.

Barbosa is a 23 years old footballer who is owned by Inter Milan. As we told you that the player’s previous year was spent on the loan with Flamengo. The Brazilian player scored 36 goals for his side. Coming Bruno Henrique is a 28 years old Brazilian Footballer who is owned by Flamengo. This Brazilian player is also in great form this year. He scored 26 goals and 9 assists in a total of 46 outings.

There are speculations that West Ham might just play their bid on Gabriel Barbose in the coming month, January. The club is planning to sign the footballer. 

According to a famous Italian Website, Calcio Mercato Flamingos are willing to pay £17 million (€20 million) to Inter for Barbosa. But, Intern wants the amount to be £25 million (€30 million).

If West Hams buys both the players then it would be a great addition to the club.

Remember the historical match of Copa Libertadores? Indeed it was historical but what do you think, was it memorable?

To be honest, Hammers are not so good in the attacking department. If we talk about the support from the middle that Sebastian Haller gets then we don’t think it is enough to make a team an outstanding performer.  

This is the major reason why we think Barbosa would be perfect for Hammers. He is a natural finisher and will perfectly compliment Haller. Henrique on the other hand will prove to be dangerous on flanks.

It is also true that Brazilians have the natural pace that helps them to unlock any football defense in the world with ease. They have got an unreal technique that looks like magic. West Ham can also think to move towards South American.

Hammers have also got a chance to convince Inter Ace and ask them to shift to the London stadium. This is because Gabigol has got no problem in moving to Europe.

If West Hams are planning to get the best out of Sebastian Haller then signing Lethal Hitman would be the perfect move for them. 

We don’t think that West Ham would think of losing Barbosa for just  £25 million. The deal could end up as one of the best signing deals for East London in recent history. But, only if the West Ham manages to bring him in its roster.

If the East London club, West Ham is willing to pay £25 million for the South American duo then it will not only be considered one of the exceptional deals but, also the duo will be an excellent addition to the team. They will provide extreme strength to the team.

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Hammers are willing to sign Gabriel Barbosa in January.

As we already told you in the ost above that Gabigol (Barbosa) spent his previous year with Flamingo. The player has been in his best form known. He managed to score 36 goals in just 41 matches, which was quite impressive. 

More firepower is required by the West Ham in the attacking department during the game. Thinking of Inter Milan Hitman would be a good idea. Barbosa might be signed for £18.6 million (€22 million) in January.

We don’t think that it is too much amount to pay for South American Firepower. It is a true value of money for the East London club. But, West Hams to be ready for the deal because there are various other clubs as well that also want to sign this Brazilian Duo. Thes clubs are Flamengo, Schalke, Valladolid and Crystal Palace.

If West Hams would be able to sign Gabigol in January, then it is going to be a great addition to Manuel Pellegrini’s squad.

But, West Ham is not the only club nothing Gabigol. Unfortunately, Chelsea FC is also after Gabriel Barbosa. The club has already spent £150 million in January and will be trying to sign Gabrigol as well to make their team stronger.

Not only Chelsea FC Stamford Bridge are also willing to spend £34 million. As their bid for Moussa Dembele has been rejected. They are now planning to sign Gabigol. Wilfried Zaha and Jadon Sancho are selected as the Wideman, coming to the left-back David Alaba and Ben Chilwell are the players to be considered.

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