When you are an expert slot machine player, it’s always better to switch to slot queen, which has many things to offer you. That online game has made several players quit live casinos and attend slot machine sessions from home. Not to mention that it’s easier to do so, especially when you come home from work exhausted and you need to spin a few reels to relax.

However, it’s always great to know more about the special features and benefits of the queen of God’s slots. That will allow you to be more responsible about your play and give you a solid base to choose one from the other. After all, it’s your money to decide where to give it. Let’s take a deep dive into the benefits you see when you play the queen slots and what the difference is with other slot machines that are now online and asking for your attention and money to spend.

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Expert Gameplay

First, you may expect to have expert gameplay. That comes with the multiple reels that can increase in size and number as you push for more remuneration. However, it’s easier to check the payout lines in this slot machine without the need to be an expert slot machine player. All you need to do would be to check the lower buttons and ensure that you have the right stake each time you spin the reels. 

All the rest comes naturally, and you can see exactly how many signs are matched. In this aspect, you are the one who controls your fate as you can decide if you will push more with money or if you want to withdraw and reduce your loss.

Offers Quite a Few Jackpots

The more you play this slot, the best are the chances to hit a progressive jackpot. It’s one of the slots that give you the chance to have a multi-million jackpot that is only hit once per five years. People like to play and check the signs that need to come in an identical order if they want to become eligible for unleashing the jackpot.

If you are a regular player, you can be sure that the jackpot is more likely to come. The progressive jackpot automatically estimates the contributions of multiple players and randomly chooses one to hit the top winnings. 

You Can Have Six Reels at a Time

Here the only difference compared to other online slots is that you can choose to have six reels at a time. It may cost you more in the beginning, but it’s the only way to win big in the future. The six reels are there to give you increased chances to catch the combination of signs and the same time, hope for a higher jackpot. Since we see most of the slot machines have five reels and add the sixth one only when you are heavily playing. Here the slot queen can offer you the sixth reel for free when you are playing, even from the first dollar.

The Graphics are Amazing

One of the best features that make the slot queen a lot more different than others is the graphics. Here you can have the depiction of the ancient Egyptian world where you can see Queen Cleopatra close to the other famous Pharaons of ancient times.

The pyramids are there, and you feel as if you are part of the scenery as you spin the reels and unlock the bonuses. You have more chances to see the story coming in front of your eyes if you hit the jackpot. The slot machine shows the story of Ancient Egypt, and it’s something you cannot find in any other online slot machine that is now advertised and operating online.

It Offers Players More Than 95% Pay Back Rate

Finally, the best feature about this online slot machine would be the extremely high payback rate that can reach 95% even from the first spin. That, of course, has to do with the totality of players meaning that 95% of the money invested from all players will go back to them, but individually some players may face some losses in the short run.

It’s one of the most impressive online slots that can make you proud about playing and keep you busy for multiple hours when you come back home from work and need to have a spin to increase your adrenaline and feel like you are alive.

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