In today’s world, there is a wide variety of data providers available all across the globe. But not every data provider is going to be right for you. Knowing what features and factors to look for can help you make a better decision and choose the perfect data center partner for your company according to your needs. Here are six things you need to consider when choosing a data center partner.

1) Continuous Power Supply

It is very important to ensure the data center has access to a continuous power supply. According to statistics, a single power outage can cost the company over 1 million dollars, and power loss is one of the biggest causes of outrages. It is also important to install adequate and effective cooling systems because the data centers can get hot due to multiple machines working around the clock. The best way to ensure there is no outrage, install multiple path configuration systems so that if one system fails, the one can work on its behalf.

2) Ecosystems and Connectivity

Even the best data centers with the latest technology and innovations can’t beat a data center with a thriving ecosystem consisting of multiple service providers and enterprises. According to studies, the best data centers offer a wide spectrum of internet exchange facilities, cloud, and network providers. Carrier-neutral data centers are in demand because of the flexibility and economical packages they provide.

Carrier-neutral data centers have access to many providers and enterprises that interconnect their IT resources and services. Access to a wide spectrum of cloud and connectivity options makes it easier to build hybrid multi-cloud technology that prevents vendor lock-in and carrier-neutral data centers such as Equinix NY5 New York provide just that.

3) Location of the Data Center

To expand your business, recover from an IT disaster, be closer to your employees and customers, you need access to many data centers scattered at different strategic locations. The data center’s location impacts its environmental and socio-economic conditions, which further impact the overall operating efficiency. Accessibility to stable energy sources, industry partners that share the same data center, and network connectivity are essential to running a successful business.

4) Monitoring and Support Facilities

Once you have finalized your data center partner, you will need help installing your equipment and moving your IT services and equipment. Also, once you have to move your IT equipment, you will need help monitoring and maintaining it. You can’t stay on the site to manage all events and alarming situations, so it is important to look into the type of monitoring tools and remote support your data center provides.

5) Security

Security is a major factor that should not be ignored when choosing your data center. It is vital to protect the data and equipment inside a data center. Installing advanced security technology such as biometric access, layered security zones, surveillance systems, and multiple cameras is important. To determine a data center’s security situation, try to find out the process for getting a vendor inside the data center to fix a problem or replace a part.

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