Getting cheated on is the worst thing in the world. Knowing that your partner is brazenly violating your trust just leaves you devastated. Though you can get some consolation by confronting them head-on, doing so without any solid proof can do more harm than good. 

One thing that you can do is to find some kind of evidence, maybe in the form of text messages – that your unfaithful partner/spouse can’t deny. In case you’re wondering how to do that, just read on. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to catch someone cheating through text by easy and effective methods as spy on iPhone.

How to Know for Sure That Your Partner is Cheating? 

Before you try to confront your partner, you need to confirm if they’re really unfaithful or if it’s just faulty suspicion on your part. Here are a few ways by which you can be sure of your partner’s infidelity.

1. Ask Straight Out

Yes, that’s right. Just ask them. Don’t be aggressive, and just calmly ask if they’re seeing someone behind your back. Though it can be a good way, it doesn’t work every time. In most cases, the cheating partner will deny everything to keep their secret intact.

2. Hire a Private Detective

If you think trying to catch cheaters texting to confirm their infidelity is too mainstream, you can always go for this more thrilling route. But keep in mind that it comes with its disadvantages. Hiring a private detective will not only be super-expensive but can also lead them to blackmail you for extracting more money. So, it’s a risky move.

3. Set Up a Situation

You can deceive your unfaithful partner into believing that you’ll be out of the city to see if they spend the night with their lover. However, it’s also a dangerous method. It may involve you seeking help from other people to create a perfect trap – and sometimes, it may backfire as well!

4. Use a Spy App

If you want to confirm your doubts about your partner, the safest and most effective way is to track cheating spouse text messages by using a spy app. Spy apps work discreetly without the knowledge of the target user and track their entire phone activity – providing evidence that you need!

Their only disadvantage is that they’re not free – just like all other good things in life.

We researched for you and carefully analyzed the most popular apps on the market to choose the best one. We found that mSpy has the best price-performance ratio and is hence the most trustworthy and helpful app, thanks to the numerous features it provides. 

How mSpy Can be Used for Spying on Spouse Text Messages?

Here are all the ways mSpy can help you get access to your partner’s messages and all the other evidence you might need.

1. Keylogger

The keylogger feature can record everything that your partner type into their device, including the login credentials of their social media accounts. Once you get these credentials, you can easily access your partner’s social media to see what they have been up to.

2. Monitoring Messaging and Calling Apps 

If the keylogger feature is confusing for you, don’t worry! mSpy can also give you access to all the messaging platforms directly through your control panel, enabling you to see who your partner is talking to and what they are talking about. Most importantly, it will allow you to catch a cheater text message.

3. GPS Location Tracking

mSpy gives you accurate access to the location of your partner, allowing you to know where they are at any given time with a precision of a few meters. This feature can easily provide you the evidence to confirm your doubts about your partner’s infidelity.

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4. Screen Recording

You can start recording the screen of your partner at any time and get all the data directly on your smartphone.

5. Social Media Apps Monitoring

mSpy can also track the entire social media activity of your spouse, including their sent and received messages on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. 

What Features are Offered by mSpy for Tracking a Partner? 

Now that you know how to catch a cheating spouse texting by mSpy let’s discuss all the features this app provides to you. Here are some of them: 

  • mSpy doesn’t even require access to the target device in some cases.
  • It offers ease of installation as it will take just a few minutes to set up.
  • Once installed and configured, it’s simple to use via Control Panel.
  • Stealth operation is also one of its notable features. Once you install the app, it works in the background.
  • The app does not warm the device up or slow it down.
  • mSpy offers the safety of information and eliminates the chances of any data breach by its advanced security algorithms.
  • On top of all these features, the app is available for iOS as well as Android devices.
  • mSpy has an up-to-date website to keep you aware of anything that can be important to you.
  • mSpy offers 24/7 multilingual support so that you never face a problem while using it.
  • You get a free 7-day trial to make sure the app is effective enough.

To Sum Up

Dealing with a cheating partner can be a sensitive matter, so you need to be extremely careful in whatever you do. Of all the apps that we analyzed, mSpy is the most versatile and has the largest number of features. We can confidently recommend this app as the best option for spying on spouse text messages and for catching them with irrefutable evidence.

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