We all try to incorporate a workout routine into our busy schedules to stay fit and healthy. Undoubtedly, when you have a nine-to-five job, it can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming to keep up and create a regulated workout plan for the whole week while sticking to it accordingly. For that reason, trying out a new sport and making it your primary hobby is a leap many refuse to take since they already have trouble incorporating an occasional full-body workout at home. 

But what if we told you that it’s no quantum physics to take up a new hobby like rowing and incorporate it into your weekly routine? Sure, you may be skeptical now, but we’re here to tell you that rowing workouts aren’t challenging or demanding and that you can master them with the proper rowing training program

In other words, a rowing workout doesn’t require the strenuous and monotonous workout routine like riding a stationary bike or running on the treadmill. A rowing workout is a stress-free, cardio, full-body, brain-engaging workout preparing you for incorporating rowing as your primary hobby. Let’s see how.   

The Primary Benefits of Rowing

Here’s a list of benefits you can expect from rowing, all of which will significantly improve your overall health:

1. Relaxation, Meditation, and Stress-Relief

Contrary to most workouts that place significant stress on your body, a rowing workout is a stress-free full-body workout. In other words, a rowing workout isn’t strenuous, so you will feel relaxed after completing the workout. Moreover, you’ll feel better mentally after a rowing workout, and that feeling of mental serenity will make a rowing workout feel meditative. After you master the workout, you will establish a rhythm for your rowing session, establish a regulated breathing system, and eventually get to a point where you can work out with your eyes closed. There’s nothing better than a full package of relaxation while improving your fitness level – and that’s what a rowing workout can provide.     

2. A Chance to Set Your Own Limits 

A rowing workout and rowing as a hobby fall under sports with a low impact. Low-impact sports are sports where you can set your intensity limits yourself and even take them to a high level while leaving your muscles and whole body completely stress-free. In other words, you can have a high-intensity rowing workout without feeling drained after it. The beauty of a rowing workout lies in the duration of recovery time. The recovery time after a rowing workout is short, which means you will be able to fit a rowing workout into your busy daily schedule. Controlling the intensity of the workout while staying stress-free but still getting a full-body and cardio workout is the best benefit a rowing workout can offer and the main reason you should consider taking up rowing as your primary hobby. 

3. A Hobby with Connection to Nature 

As opposed to basketball, which is a sport you have to play indoors, rowing is a sport you have to carry out outdoors directly connected to nature. Therefore, instead of staring at the crown on the stadium, the wall, and the court while playing basketball, you get a chance to enjoy beautiful natural sceneries while rowing along the river. Moreover, you’ll go on a rowing spree more often when the weather is nice, which means you’ll be exposed to the sun quite frequently, increasing your Vitamin-D levels. In short, rowing is an extremely healthy hobby, both for your body and your mind, which is why you should consider taking it up despite your busy work schedule. 

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