Appreciation goes a long way to making people happy, motivated, and willing to improve even more. In the corporate world, showing appreciation to the employees is vital to ensure that everyone knows their efforts are valued, thus, improving their morale and engagement. Aside from that, it helps in building trust and productivity, making the workplace positive, comfortable, and appealing.  

According to a poll by Tjinsite, an estimated 35% of employees consider a lack of appreciation as one of the reasons they feel unmotivated and unproductive. On the other hand, 69% of employees display outstanding performance and quality outputs if they are appreciated and valued by their company. Furthermore, according to Robert Half, almost 66% of employees decided to leave the company because of not feel appreciated and valued. That is why appreciation makes a lot of difference to the employees’ way of working and loyalty towards the company. 

Because of the positive effects that appreciation does on employees, companies now make sure that it is one of the things that every manager or supervisor exhibits when interacting with employees. With that said, there are lots of ways where appreciation can be shown to employees, from simple tapping at the back to going away party ideas for coworkers. Consider taking a look at some ways in which you can show your appreciation to employees.  

Give Feedback

Giving feedback is essential in building positive communication in the company. When someone with authority provides feedback to the employees, they tend to feel seen, which helps boost their confidence simultaneously. Feedbacks are also great in helping an employee improve their work and make better results in the future. Aside from that, this will help ignite a good sense of job satisfaction. This appreciation can be crucial depending on how it is delivered and used.  

Words are powerful tools for connecting with employees. Using it correctly will gradually help the company and the employees’ dedication to learning and becoming more effective. Overall, feedback, whether positive or negative, is vital for encouraging good behavior, breaking bad habits, and helping teams work more efficiently toward their objectives.

Acknowledge Their Effort

Being seen and acknowledged by the supervisors is one of the most priced achievements an employee will surely treasure. Employees will likely feel their efforts and hard work are all worth it. Feeling validated would boost the employees’ desire to be great and do even better next time.  

Acknowledging can be done by saying, ‘thank you for your hard work,’ ‘you’ve done great,’ or ‘I appreciate your effort.’ It is more than enough to give the employees some relief and validation. Getting acknowledged and recognized because of your effort helps them understand how much their employers value them and how their effort brings or helps in bringing success to their company.  

Give Incentives 

Giving incentives is one of the positive physical reinforcements a company can do to show appreciation to their employees. Just like the abovementioned ways, incentives also help build the employee’s productivity, loyalty, engagement, and desire to do better on their tasks and assignments. Aside from that, incentives help satisfy the employees, and being satisfied will keep their motivation up and going.  

One thing about giving incentives is that it not only helps the company show its appreciation to the employees but also provides benefits to the company by having a low rate of employee turnover and a great advertisement to attract more talented people. In other words, it gives the employee happiness and satisfaction and, at the same time, helps the company build a good image.   

Take Them Out for Some Company Dinner

Last on the list is taking the employees out for treats like lunch or company dinner. This kind of appreciation might not be done through words but can be felt by the employees, especially when they are being treated to dinner because of a job well done. This way, managers can know their employees even more, what they are like outside the office, and what kind of person they are. It also builds bonds and trust between colleagues.   

Aside from that, employees will feel that they are getting rewarded for doing great in their work, making them more eager to become functional and competent. It will also boost their morale, teamwork, and professional relationship with one another. Furthermore, it can also be another positive reinforcement that a company can do to keep their employees satisfied and valued.  


A company showing appreciation is an excellent way of conveying that they value and hold the importance of their employees. It is one of the best things a person can give to someone to express gratitude. All-inclusive, showing appreciation could help build the company’s reputation and serve as a way to protect their employee’s mental health and overall well-being.

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