Many people love to have a picnic from time to time. While it may not always be the perfect weather for a picnic, it can still be quite enjoyable. Did you know that the word “picnic” is derived from the French word “pique nique”? It refers to the picking of food that other people have bought with them.  

But how can you make sure that your picnic is one of the best you’ve ever been to? Below, you will find some tips that will show you how you can make a picnic thoroughly enjoyable.

Take Food That’s Easy to Pick Up 

Consider taking food that is easy to pick up. Even the nicest food can seem hard to eat if a knife and fork are required. Take sandwiches, vol-Au-vents, chicken drumsticks, and fruit. You may also want to take a few pies and a bit of dessert, just make sure they can all be picked up in one hand. Be sure to have plenty of serviettes with you so you can wipe those sticky hands. 

Prepare for the Weather 

Making sure that you’re prepared for the weather can make any picnic more enjoyable. If the weather is good, take hats, sunglasses, and UPF 50+ swimsuits if you’re picnicking at the beach. If the weather is a little cooler, make sure everyone has a sweater or jacket to put on if they get cold. If you think it’s going to rain, be sure to take some waterproof coats. Picnics can still be fun if it rains a little, just make sure your sandwiches don’t get too soggy. 

Take Some Salad 

Back to the subject of food, more specifically salad. Salads are always an appropriate food to take on a picnic. You can take any type of salad with you. Fruit salads are always appreciated as are potato salads, chopped salads, and any type of salad. Take some dressing in a jar and let people pour it on their salad should they wish to. 

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Don’t Take Much Equipment 

While it may be nice to sit on chairs and dine at tables, someone will have to carry them all. Don’t take too much equipment with you. Instead, take blankets, a cooler or two full of food, and something to drink. Picnics are all about sitting on a rug on the ground and enjoying something tasty. Be sure to take plenty of wipes so you can wipe sticky fingers and faces. 

Don’t Take Anything Too Messy 

Messy foods such as frosting and barbecue sauce should be avoided. Yes, these foods are nice but they’re not good to take on a picnic. Instead, take foods that are less messy and you’ll have a lot less to clear up. 

Picnics can be a whole lot of fun, even though they can take a bit of preparation. However, if you take the right type of food and you prepare for the weather, they can be thoroughly enjoyable. Use the above tips to help you and your guests enjoy your next picnic. 

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