Have you decided to create a website/blog based on WordPress? Thus, choosing the right template (theme) for your future website is essential. Theme selection is a responsible matter because not only the appearance but also the functionality of the site depends on the choice of the template. To simplify the process of choosing a WP theme, we recommend you focus on the following tips:

Security Above All

The first thing to do is find and download a suitable theme. Templates can be free, paid, and free-paid (the main functionality of the theme is free, and several additional features are available for a fee). For example, on the stylemixthemes website, there is a good selection of free and premium WordPress themes on different topics. All themes are thoroughly tested before they get to this portal, they have good functionality, “clean” code, and perfectly interact with WordPress plugins.

If you have some doubts about the safety of the downloaded template, it is better to abandon this idea. If you prefer free templates, we recommend downloading them from the official WordPress directory. All themes presented there are tested for compliance with security standards, cross-browser compatibility, etc.

Matching the Theme to Your Goals and Objectives

Determine your needs and design template elements in advance! Check out the sites you like. What functionality and design do they have? Think about the following topics:

  • the content you plan to publish;
  • your target audience;
  • specific elements that you need (ad units, selling online courses, etc.).

Read the theme description carefully. It contains a detailed explanation of the elements of the template. It is worth picking the theme accordingly, especially if you plan to launch an online store or a platform for selling your services. 

Choose a Flexible Template That is Easy to Edit

You should be able to change fonts, colors, and other visual elements of the selected theme. For modern themes, the existence of a convenient settings panel (editor) is a must! If a developer shows a demo of the admin panel, make sure you can customize everything you need. The theme should look modern and trendy. But it should be compatible with the style of your logo, and the content type. It should not be overloaded with visual elements as well. Web design trends are:

  • attention to fonts;
  • non-standard grid;
  • convenient visuals for users, for example, interactive highlighting of important thoughts, the indication of reading time, and other tips;
  • video usage.

Choose your theme carefully and make sure that it is easy to edit. The theme should be displayed as correctly as possible on all devices and in all browsers.

Say “No” to Complex Themes

We recommend you select simple themes both in design and functionality. Most likely, you do not need a site with multiple graphic elements and animation. Firstly, it will be easier to understand the controls and settings. Secondly, it is more likely that the theme will be displayed correctly on various devices and in different browsers. In addition, “fancy themes” can take a long time to load. Technically maintaining a simple theme (in the future) is easier than a complex one. It is worth evaluating the loading speed of your website after the application of the WP theme. It will not bring you any profit if its loading time doesn’t meet users’ expectations.

Test a New Theme

Check how different content elements will display and function in your theme: bulleted and numbered lists, tables, images, videos, headings, paragraphs, and other elements. To do this, use the available online services. They will allow you to check a set of data: dozens of different posts, pages, categories, and other content. You will see the weaknesses of your theme by only testing it. The header of the site should be informative and make it easier for the user to navigate. Pay attention to where the menu is located, and how visible it is. A nice big picture is great, but it’s important to keep visitors on your site or blog. Also, pay attention to the reviews, as well as how long ago it was updated.

Choosing the WordPress theme is easy, but it is crucial to make the right choice. Now you know how to do it in just 5 simple steps.

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