Rummy is a glamorous game of skills. People are getting more curious about rummy games day by day.  People who love playing card games are in awe of the openness that rummy games give. Rummy, which is a card game, is different in different parts of the world. However, some parts of the game are more or less similar. The Indian version of the game is called thirteen-card rummy. Being a card melding game, a player tries to meld the cards which he has in hand into some specific sequences and sets either by drawing or by discarding. Playship offers you a platform to enjoy this incredible game interestingly.

13 card rummy is quite traditional in India. People have been playing it for years. The gameplay gets glorified, particularly during get together and festivals. The format is called so because, under this game, each player in the gameplay gets 13 cards where players are required to form one pure sequence and an impure sequence. This game also has numerous types. All you need to do is to arrange cards in specific sequences and sets. Your skills and possibly your luck will decide the result of the game.

How to 13 Card Rummy?

Playship is one such software where you can find new players or play with your friends and family. By giving complete dedication and attention to the game, you may increase your chances of winning the game. If you are new to this game, here are some rules that you must be aware of:-

  • The main rule of 13-card rummy is that you will be required to form a pure sequence. At least one pure sequence is required to win. A pure sequence is a run of at least three cards that belong to the same suite like A, K, and Q of diamonds.
  • A player will also be required to form an impure sequence to win. An impure sequence is formed when you have a joker along with the pure sequence. Another way of forming an impure sequence is to have a triple set, like having three 6 or hearts.
  • The player who has made all the required sequences will be demanded to make a fair declaration. After one card is dropped and flipped side down, the player is called the winner.
  • There can be 2 to 6 players in the game where each player is dealing with 13 cards. 
  • Each card of the game is denoted a certain point. These points are used to calculate the end score. J, Q, K, and A cards of any suit have 10 points, while all the other cards of any suit carry a value equal to their face value like 2, 3, or 9. Joker has 0 points.
  • The player who wins gets 0 points while the losing player is awarded points equal to the value of the total cards he has while declaring. He may lose a maximum of 80 points. By losing three consecutive times, the player is dropped out of the game.

There’s a 13-card practice rummy game on Playship for you to practice.

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