The emergence of bitcoin led to the revolution in the financial system, just like the Internet did in the field of communications in its time. On October 31, 2008, a user with the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto posted files on the Internet that described in detail the new decentralized currency – bitcoin. Later, he created the first cryptocurrency wallet and launched the network. People became interested in an alternative to traditional money because it was in the times when the global financial system was in a fever from a large-scale crisis. This is how an independent payment system was created. 

However, the emergence of bitcoin also affected the gambling industry: it created many security innovations and introduced fair play opportunities. Alongside the so-called “bitcoin casinos”, numerous gambling games appeared. For example, crypto fans cannot avoid playing BTC roulette or slot games that accept crypto as a currency. Let’s learn how cryptocurrency has altered the operation of online casinos and what benefits it has brought to regular users. 

Key Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin is a simple and fast payment method. But before you can deposit BTC into your casino account, you should purchase some crypto from BTC exchanges. After you have completed this part, you can proceed to registration at one of the BTC casinos. What are the advantages of such platforms? Here are some suggestions:

  • Security: The blockchain technology that Bitcoin uses ensures the security of payments. Due to the decentralized data storage on the Bitcoin network, it is impossible to lose money, which makes this currency extremely secure;
  • Anonymity: BTC allows you to make deposits and withdrawals anonymously, and therefore you can play at the casino without revealing your identity. There is no need to deal with banks and provide any personal or financial information; just enter your wallet code — and that’s it;
  • No Fees: BTC casino sites do not charge additional fees for transactions. This means more money to play with;
  • Bitcoin wallets exist as mobile applications which make transactions convenient, fast, and possible anytime, anywhere;
  • Speed: Transactions are completed within minutes.

As a rule, Bitcoin platforms do not charge transaction fees. But it is still worth making sure of this before depositing by studying the terms and conditions of the casino you have chosen. Any commission fees are usually minimal and much lower than in other payment systems.

Bitcoin Roulette Games

It is impossible to imagine a virtual casino without a gaming table with the well-known roulette. At all times, it has been the main element of all gambling establishments. The main reasons for its popularity are the bewitching movement of the ball, as well as the unpredictability of the result of the rotation. 

In BTC casinos, all users can play roulette with fair play control. You will be able to make sure of the openness, and most importantly, the accessibility of the gameplay. High-quality graphics and easy-to-use interface of the roulette games will allow you to quickly determine the location of the ball, as well as easily place bets on the roulette table. The typical features of bitcoin roulette are:

  • the presence of flash technologies, thanks to which there is no need to download it or install an additional program on a PC; 
  • the ability to play for real money or launch games in demo mode;
  • no need for registration; 
  • instant payout;
  • availability of an affiliate program;
  • unique bonus policy.

Bitcoin roulette games are fully certified, so there is no need to worry about the fairness of the result.


Bitcoin is one of the most secure payment methods. The advantage of using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is complete anonymity. Since BTC is not regulated by a central bank, it is anonymous, and customers are not required to enter personal data to make transfers, but only a relevant code for payments. Bitcoin transactions are also very secure: they are encrypted and verified multiple times at different points in the network to ensure maximum security. From a privacy point of view, it is almost impossible to trace transactions back to their source. So, if you are looking for gambling opportunities like this, have a look at the crypto institutions and crypto games – they are definitely worth your attention.

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