Not all parents are treated equally in the family courts. Some may be excluded from their child’s life and have no access to them because of the scheming and plotting of an ex-spouse. It is a fact that fathers are denied the right to be involved in raising and caring for their children. Even after their divorce, when they try to see their kids, many fathers face an iron-clad series of obstacles- and mothers create these obstacles.

Finding a reliable fathers’ rights lawyer in Arizona when you suspect your rights may be in jeopardy can protect you against a biased court system. Read to learn fathers’ rights in Arizona.

What Factors Do Arizona Courts Consider In Child Custody?

Arizona uses a variety of factors to determine child custody. The court will consider the following:

  • They consider the child’s wishes but only if they are mature enough. 
  • The relationship between the parents and their child is also considered.
  • Child’s management and adjustment to their home, school, and even community. 
  • The mentality of a child.
  • The ability of both parents to provide adequate care for the child’s needs.
  • The capacity and disposition of each parent to give love, affection, companionship, and guidance to the child.

The court considers a parent with meaningful contact to be a parent who has been involved in their child’s life since birth and has had significant involvement in the child’s day-to-day care, development, and upbringing.

It can include feeding the child, bathing them, changing diapers, taking them to doctor appointments and school events, or just being there for your child throughout their life. 

The court will also look at your parenting time together. How much time you’ve spent together over the years; what kind of relationship you have with your ex-partner; whether you have ever abused your partner or children. 

What Is Child Support In Arizona?

Child support is an essential aspect of family law. If you are a father who wants to ensure that you are seeing your child and supporting them financially, it is necessary to know what your rights are in Arizona. Here’s what you need to know:

In divorce or separation, the court will determine which parent has parental responsibility for the child. One parent will possess physical custody, and the other will have legal custody. In Arizona, there is joint custody, which means parents share equal rights and responsibilities for their child’s care, welfare, and upbringing.

In addition to this arrangement, parents can agree on other issues such as child support payments (if any), visitation rights, or child support payments (if any). The court can also order a court-appointed custodian if the parents cannot agree on these issues themselves.

The Arizona Court has affirmed that fathers have a right to seek visitation with their children under certain circumstances. The court has also affirmed that fathers have a right to seek custody of their children, but this does not mean that fathers’ rights are absolute.

Is There a Right of Relationship to Fathers?

The state’s laws define fathers’ rights in Arizona. As a father, you have the right to maintain a relationship with your children. The state will enforce these rights as long as they are in the best interest of your children.

A father can seek to be awarded visitation if he is the child’s biological father, if he has established paternity by signing an Acknowledgement of Paternity form at the hospital or through an Order from the court, or if there is no presumption of paternity from either of those sources. If a father wishes to obtain visitation rights with his child, he must file a Petition for Visitation in Superior Court.

Do You Need to Strategize Legally As a Father?

Fathers’ rights in Arizona can be a tricky subject to navigate. Many legal issues can arise, and you need an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process. Formulate an aggressive strategy for your case and ensure you keep up with all your deadlines, whether you’re going through mediation or heading to court.

Fathers of minor children have rights and responsibilities to their biological connection to the child. It is important to remember that these rights and responsibilities are not what the father desires; they are spelled out in Arizona statutes. The Court system will look at a set of factors to determine what is in the child’s best interests when deciding a petition by a father for custody or visitation. A well-prepared husband or father who understands his rights and responsibilities has a strong chance of being the primary parent after a divorce or breakup.

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