Social work is a certified practice-based profession with the sole purpose of improving people’s lives, individually and society as a whole. It aims to bring about positive change within the community in more than just one way. 

While social work is one of the fastest-growing professions globally, the groundwork was laid way back in the late 19th century. By the early 20th century, it had gained an occupational status. Since its inception, social work has been about improving the quality of life for people of any class or background. 

Social workers are responsible for the world that we see today. What started as a movement for human rights activism is now a professional career field on its own, housing several sub-branches, all with different approaches working towards the same goal. 

Social workers are trained to abide by principles to ensure the best possible outcomes due to their work. Such principles include empowering, justice, dignity and worth, integrity, competence, confidentiality, etc. 

Although a social worker’s tasks may seem pretty straightforward, there is no doubt that these professionals have one of the most challenging jobs mentally and physically.

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Anyone considering social work as a profession should know the importance and emphasis of the ethical codes and principles that circulate this profession. 

Enrolling in an online social work degree is one of the best ways to equip yourself with the skills and complexities of community management. 

Social workers play a crucial role in influencing positive change in communities and setting examples for how a society should function. 

As social workers, their roles are more extensive than we think. They venture into various professions and influence positivity and change within a community. 

The following roles emphasize their importance even further. 

An Educator:

Educators play a crucial role in any society in enlightening the people in a community. These social workers are responsible for shaping the mindset of people in a way that benefits the greater good. 

Educators are responsible for designing educational solutions that help people in discipline, problem-solving, mentoring, and support. Educators empower individuals to think for themselves and master the ability of critical thinking and reasoning. 

But an educator’s role extends beyond teaching courses and subjects. In evolving communities, educators are seen as mentors and influencers since they possess knowledge and experience. 

Through this experience and knowledge, they influence change in a community and create awareness regarding issues that should be addressed. 

An Advocate:

A professional in law is an advocate, and their role is to deal with social and domestic issues legally. An advocate helps you to identify your rights and provide options accordingly. 

They are there is to listen to your concerns and accompany and support you in matters of the law. Interestingly, advocates led early movements that later developed into segments of a society we now know of. 

In a community, an advocate aims to maintain harmony and order within society for things to run smoothly in a community. 

While there are several issues in a growing community, an advocate directs people towards maintaining order by enlightening affected people with their rights, rules, and regulations that must be followed. 

A Mental Health Professional:

Mental health has become a significant menace in modern times. As we progress, we can see visible changes in our societies for the better, but the surge in mental health cases over the past few years is certainly not negligible. 

Causes of mental disturbances are far too many to address. Some of the significant and community-centric reasons for mental health issues are childhood traumas, stressful events or routines, unhealthy habits, and drug abuse. 

It is essential to know the different categories of mental health professionals as various issues require a specific professional. The field of mental health has multiplied over the years. As we progress, we also create certain complexities that play a role in affecting our mental health. 

For example, a person fighting drug addiction will need the help of a drug counselor, whereas a person dealing with the loss of a loved one will need to see a therapist. 

Natural factors like the recent pandemic have also been a significant reason for a spike in mental health cases. The importance of mental health professionals in a growing society is even more critical as we are involved in a constant resolution process that leads to new ones. 

Without a doubt, for a clear and healthy mindset, having professionals around is a necessity these days.

As Activists:

Social activists play a crucial role in empowering society. They are considered the backbone of any society as they support the community in raising a voice over their concerns. They are the force that fights against social injustice and inequalities. 

They help people in identifying their rights, raise public awareness regarding a specific societal issue. They also develop strategies and campaigns to voice the concerns of the masses in a way that brings positive change to a community. 

Social activists are considered the “change agents” of society and are responsible for historical reforms like rights of industrial workers, equality for women, and protection of children’s rights.


Looking at these examples, it is clear that social workers play different essential parts in a society working for a singular goal. The value of social workers stems from their ability to interrupt the cycle of trauma and poverty. 

They are vigilant in providing social services and support to their surroundings. It should be clear that their significance in our lives is immense as these people fulfill roles that range from a politician to a paralegal and in ways not visible to the naked eye. 

Because of this, Social work as a career choice is excellent. It encompasses a wide range of professions, but it is also a rapidly growing field. 

Having the facility of getting a social work degree online does sort out many issues candidates would face daily and help streamline the journey to becoming a professional social worker. This degree also prepares you to stand for the betterment of individuals of society and a community

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