Every gamer knows that even one external factor can influence the gaming experience, in a right or wrong way. Such factors might be the quality of equipment, but also the comfort of the chair or even the lights. Lighting is, in fact, crucial in creating the right atmosphere for playing video games and quite often influences the gamer’s mood. To help you create a perfect setting for playing video games, here you can find a few tips on how to choose and install lighting in your room.

Why the Right Lights are Important?

Lighting in every room, not only in a space intended for playing video games, influences the mood because it creates a specific atmosphere. The main job of gaming room lighting is to, obviously, set the mood, but also to immerse the gamers in the online world, direct their focus in the right way, keep them motivated or energized, and most important of all, to create a specific, unique environment. It’s all necessary to improve the whole experience to the best possible level. Even more, proper lights are crucial factors in protecting your eyesight when using a computer, as clearly state various sites like All About Vision and others.

How to Create the Perfect Lighting?

The first step in creating the perfect lighting for your gaming room is different, depending on how the room is generally used. This means that if it’s only a place for gamers, you can proceed to easier steps. However, it’s a bit harder if the room serves other people for different purposes – it might also be an office, living room, or any other type of space. Various activities require separate lighting, with different shades and intensity. If your gaming room is not only for gaming, you might want to choose the lights that are easy to switch and change. 

When creating gaming space, it’s necessary to determine what color should dominate. Why? Because different colors and shades have various connotations but also influence the mood. They might motivate, calm down, energize or keep you focused. Verywell mind explains how colors affect the human brain and emotions. It applies to every situation in life, including entertainment.

What it all means is that if you like to play action games, or you are a leader in multiplayer games, you might opt for red lighting. When playing strategy or logic games, you might like, e.g., blue or green shades. 

What Kind of Lights to Choose From?

The best option for a gaming room seems LED-type lights. They are most common, they come in different colors and shades, and you can arrange them in various ways. When selecting LED lights, it’s advised to choose dimmable lights, so that you can adjust them to your current needs. The right setting might help take care of your eyesight and protect your eyes, making the gaming experience more comfortable but not causing a glare on the computer screen.

LED lights are great to create a certain atmosphere that allows the gamer to immerse into the digital world. It might lead to the impression that reality extends beyond the computer screen. Good lighting might create a real-like environment, which is a great experience when playing video games but also when playing online games, like in online casinos. Due to the right lighting, you can feel like you were in a real casino, wherever you really are, in South Africa or elsewhere. It’s enough that you choose the colorful LEDs, open safe platforms like Casinos.co.za, and choose one of the offered casinos. Clear rules and explanations on the site, as well as brief introductions to various games, will ensure you the best experience that will make you feel like you were sitting hand in hand with a croupier.


The last, but certainly not least, issue is the placement and installation of lights. They should be lightening the room but not blind a player, so they shouldn’t be pointed right in their face. If the lights are facing the screen, they might cause glare. It’s better to backlight the equipment with a dimmed light and illuminate other parts of the room so that it’s slightly darkened but not dark.  

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