Surely you are already aware of what presbyopia or tired eyesight is and that it is not only very common: it is inevitable. Sooner or later all of us are going to notice symptoms of tired eyesight because the human eye loses its elasticity with age in all cases. It is a natural process that comes earlier to some people and later to others but always ends up coming.

However, since this process can begin to take place at any time between the ages of forty and forty-five, it is not surprising that some the people when they begin to suffer from it closer to forty, worry and think that they may have a serious illness or, on the contrary, that they do not detect it and unnecessarily strain their eyes.

Presbyopia or Farsightedness

Presbyopia or tired eyesight and farsightedness have similar symptoms. Both visual problems affect near vision. However, the origin is different. While hyperopia is an eye defect in which images are focused behind the retina, tired eyesight or presbyopia is caused by deterioration due to aging.

Farsightedness occurs when the eyeball is too small or due to a defect in the shape of the cornea. Instead, eyestrain occurs because the lens ages and loses elasticity over time.

Farsightedness can occur at any time in life, but it is very rare for eyestrain to appear before the age of 40. If you are under forty and you notice symptoms of eyestrain, it is more likely to be farsightedness, but it is important to go to a specialist to get the correct diagnosis. After that, he can give you advice on the best glasses for you. Today you can get prescription trendy glasses in no time by buying them online.

Eyestrain Symptoms

As we have commented above, as a general rule the first symptoms usually begin to be noticed between 40 and 45 years of age. However, it is also possible to notice them later, especially if we have taken care of our eye health frequently.

If you are over forty years old and have started noticing some of the following symptoms, you may be starting to suffer from presbyopia:

  • Problems focusing up close: This is the main symptom of presbyopia or eyestrain. If when you try to read a text or look at your mobile, you have difficulty focusing on letters and images at close range and have to move the object away to get clarity, it is a probable symptom of eyestrain.
  • You need more lighting: If you notice that you need more light to read or check your mobile in places where you didn’t have any problems before, it could be a symptom of eyestrain. This is a more difficult symptom to detect because in bright lights the pupil constricts and it is more difficult to tell the difference. Especially indoors, it’s easier to blame the amount of light coming through the window than our eyes.
  • Reading becomes more and more difficult for you: If you notice that when you face a text the letters seem to join each other, it is another probable presbyopia symptom. Of course, if you are having this problem, but you are not old enough to have tired eyes, consult an optician because it could be a symptom of something else.
  • You feel that day-to-day tasks become complicated: Especially if when driving (mainly in low light or low visibility) or performing tasks such as writing, you notice that you have to strain your eyes more than usual, it is possible that you are beginning to suffer from tired eyes.
  • Eyestrain: If you notice that you can spend less and less time doing certain tasks (such as reading, writing, or spending time working in front of the computer) without having to stop to rest your eyes for a while, you may be suffering from symptoms of eyestrain.
  • Migraines and headaches: This is one of the most annoying symptoms and can sometimes be worrying if they are not associated with the extra visual effort that is being made. We often overexert ourselves without realizing it and this leads to severe headaches and migraines that occur more and more frequently.If you think you may have tired eyes or presbyopia, the best thing you can do is go to an optician-optometrist or your trusted optician to have an evaluation done and determine the origin of your symptoms. Finally, you can still get cool glasses to help your problem.

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