In the world of the Internet, the amount of information one gets is immeasurable and out of the same, most are legal while some are also illegal. That’s a fact!

However, with regard to the same, sometimes, even those sites that mostly have authentic content might get blocked either by the government authorities, your ISP, and/or your office network administrator. And, after being blocked, regaining access to the blocked site is assumed to be a very complicated and technical process which is not true at all!

Having doubts about what we’ve just said? No worries! Today when you finish reading this article, we guarantee you that all your doubts will be cleared. Here we’ll discuss one of the popular but blocked torrent websites and some of the effective methods that help that particular site to get unblocked and accessible again. So, without any further ado, let’s start reading!

Overview of ExtraTorrent Website

There are tons of torrenting websites on the internet that are available to provide masses with great torrents, so they can get their hands on a varied range of text as well as interactive media content of their choice be it comics, E-books, scripts, movies, songs, TV Shows, games, applications, web series, documentaries, so on. However, nothing compared to what the ExtraTorrent website has to offer!

In fact, whether you believe it or not, ExtraTorrent among all the web crawlers, is the most devoted one that made it simpler for individuals to discover all sorts of motion pictures, shows, tunes, games, and significantly more torrents of their use.

Additionally, the site used to provide high-quality content for everyone out there and because of that, it has been considered a popular choice among many torrent enthusiasts who like the idea of downloading files, movies, and games via using the peer-to-peer file-sharing method. This is what helped Extratorrent earn a well-known name among all the other popular torrent sites such as Kickass, Rarbg, and Limetorrents. 

To summarize, Extratorrent attracted thousands of users during the era when torrenting was a new concept. Later, its user base increased to millions as Extratorrent became such a platform where anyone from any corner of the world can get access to all the entertainment content and keep the desired copy on their respective devices to watch them offline at any time of their choice.

Thus, the ExtraTorrent website which was established in the torrent ecosystem around 2006, is listed as the second-largest torrent site next to the galaxy resilient—the Pirate Bay torrent.

ExtraTorrent website

What Happened to ExtraTorrent? Why Is It Blocked?

In spite of offering so much to its users and gaining huge popularity in return, the ExtraTorrent site in May 2017 was abruptly shut down out of the blue. However, ExtraTorrent was not alone; many other popular sites were also taken down permanently in the same year due to copyright infringement.

So, because it is believed that much of the content that is available on the ExtraTorrent website for free is copyright-protected; the copyright regulators spotted it and thus, the governments of many countries blocked the platform. This step was taken mainly to hold back the users from using this torrent platform for downloading a variety of content for free. 

  • Where ExtraTorrent Is Geo-Blocked?

Well, if you’re one among all those Extratorrent users who’re still confused and wondering “Is the ExtraTorrent domain still active?” let us tell you, the official site of ExtraTorrent has been blocked from access in the following countries across the world:

United Kingdom United States of AmericaRussian Federation 
India FranceItaly

This indicates the gloomy fact that those who belong to these countries will find themselves unable to access the ExtraTorrent site because their respective ISPs have permanently blocked its domain. Further, when the original domain of the ExtraTorrent website was blocked, it has been noticed that many attempted to put up various similar sites like ExtraTorrent but failed miserably because no other platform was able to meet the standard of the original ExtraTorrent site.  

Thus, the blockade of the ExtraTorrent website left its users frustrated and disheartened as they are no longer able to get hold of vast collections of fresh and popular content like they used to get before. However, what they don’t know is, that there are many other alternative websites to ExtraTorrent that work exactly like it, and some of them even render a service better than it. 

It’s not just ExtraTorrent that grants access to unlimited free stuff like ebooks, web series, TV shows, articles, etc. there are others as well. And the exceptional part about them is that they aren’t blocked or banned in most countries, which means there’s no harm in using them. 

Top 5 Working ExtraTorrent Alternatives in 2023

Website Name Website URLDescription 
The Pirate Bay Torrent site is often called ‘The King of Torrents’, in fact, the site is quite famous amongst torrent site users. There’s actually nothing that one cannot find here; music, ebooks, videos, TV shows, software, the latest movies, and whatnot. 
isoHuntTorrent you are a fanatic for TV shows, this is the site for you. It has even organized its content in a unique and attractive way. 
LimeTorrents intuitive, easy-to-navigate website with tons of content. 
KickassTorrents one of the most used torrent websites. Users find this website quite easy and straightforward when it comes to usage.
RarbgTorrents P2P-file sharing network. The website was indeed in Bulgaria and since then it has been expanding internationally due to the high availability of content on it. 

Bottom Line

Considering what we have discussed above, I hope you all have got a clear understanding of the ExtraTorrent website and its top-6 effective alternatives that are mentioned in this blog. 

Disclaimer: We have written this article with the aim to meet all our valuable reader’s entertainment and information needs. We strongly criticize downloading Copyright-protected media content from blocked websites, their proxies, and alternative sites. Rather, we suggest everyone who reads this article find only the legal content and at your own risk.

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