Fashion is constantly evolving, and if you are an avid follower, it’s a must that you be updated with the latest trends in Milan fashion week. As you may have noticed, Italy has its unique style and design for fashion, and if you want to get those clothes for yourself, you will have to go to stores with authentic Italian collections like m made in Italy.

But if you missed the Milan fashion week, let this article get you up to speed with the hottest trends that dominated the Milan fashion week.

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Bold Prints

It seems that bold prints are back in action even though cross-continental vacations are still impossible because of the pandemic. Designers have begun to infuse their designs with bright summery prints, a nod to that tropical island feel that everyone is missing. In fact, one of the eye-catching trends in the Milan Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2021 was a neon dress with a sequin starfish. 

So even though you are not on the beach right now, wear those floral prints and flaunt it. 

Color Clash

For most of the fashion world, sleek and neutral looks will always be a go-to style since it is timeless. But Milan dared to challenge that perception and went out with styles that have mixed different bright colors. The best thing about this trend is you can rarely go wrong with what you wear.

All you have to do is pair up colorful pieces of clothing that you never thought of considering. So let that creative mind of yours go nuts.


Do you like see-through clothes? Then this trend is just for you. Fendi came up with a style where sheer dresses were layered with relaxed trousers and slips, recognizing the playful and versatile look of see-through clothes. 

This style is perfect for warm and summer months when you want to look a little more complex but do not want to feel hot because of a jacket.

Desert Hues

If you are not into complexity, then there is a trend for you too. Streamlined and de-saturated pieces seem to never die in Milan. Whether you want to wear suits or maxi dresses, the center of attention will always be the muted color palette of fabric choice. So you will have no problem even if you are a minimalist.

Bra Out 

This style was first observed in New York but has since been followed in spring’s runways collection. You can wear it over the top, layered under blazers, or solo. If you are conscious about wearing lingerie fashion outside, you should go for a structured bustier on top of a distressed tee or a button-down.

High Volume 

If you are a fan of oversized coats, then you will love quilted jackets as well. Milan designers have taken a timid approach to clothe that feels snug but also looks sophisticated. 


This trend might have picked up because of the pandemic, and if you have not taken this hobby as a pastime in quarantine, you can always wear one. Be it heavy knitting or a doily style. Crochet has undoubtedly made an impact on the runways of Milan. There will always be new trends in fashion and especially in the runways of Milan. So if you want to keep up, be sure to follow this guide and shop in authentic Italian collections like m made in Italy. Now your friends will surely be amazed at how up-to-date your fashion sense is.

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