In the heavy machinery industry, the requirement for crane scales is very high. They help in lifting heavy objects and sharing the measurement, which assists in simplifying moving heavy objects. With technological advancement, the Bluetooth crane scale has become a crucial part of heavy industries. 

These crane scales specifically get connected with the android app – thus making them efficient and easy to use. 

The crane scales find major applications in the construction and manufacturing industry. Industries like steel & naval also find use of these scales.

Let us find out the utilities of the crane scales that make them an essential part of the industry.

Applications of a Crane Scale

The industrial applications of crane scale are myriad. Let us find out why they are so useful:

Measuring heavy loads

Often, it is difficult to manually measure the weight of heavy objects. Crane scales are used to lift and weigh heavy objects – thus letting you take note of their weight. Crane scales as heavy as 300t ton crane scale play a crucial role in measuring the weights of heavy instruments and machinery. 

Finding weights of lighter objects

Measuring a lighter object using a crane scale is quite simpler. All you need to do is hold the scale manually and hang the object from the hook. 

Easy Data monitoring

Data monitoring is simpler and so is data recording. With the LED data display, it is easy to measure the data – thus the data is noted with higher accuracy and precision. 

Seamless Transportation of Objects

The seamless transportation of heavy machinery from one spot to another is only possible through the crane scales. Using a crane scale of 3000 kg, you can move heavy objects up to a certain limit. 

What Benefits Do Crane Scales Give to the Industries?

Crane scales have numerous benefits, that make them stand out. Here are a few of them:

  1. Ease of measuring peculiar-shaped items: It is easy to measure peculiar-shaped items efficiently using the crane scale, reducing the hazard & inconvenience
  2. Wide range of weighing capacity: A wide range of weighing capacity for even measuring the heaviest of objects is what makes them stand out. Now, no more worries about taking measurements, as the Bluetooth crane scale makes it easy to record the readings. 
  3. Durability and higher floor space: Durability is the key concern when going ahead with a crane scale. As it is used in highly robust areas, the crane scale has to be durable – to endure extreme conditions.  As they are always hanging, surplus floor space is saved.
  4. Smaller size with higher space utilization factor: Higher space utilization factor is crucial when it comes to crane scales – and it is exactly what they offer. Precision, accuracy, and a higher utilization factor – a true jewel!

The Working Mechanism of the Bluetooth Crane Scale

The working mechanism is quite simple. For this to function, you would need to install an application on your android device. Post which, the settings need to be changed & then switched on the Bluetooth. As the item’s load is displayed on the digital screen, you can also see it being displayed accurately on the phone.

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