If you’re looking for ideas to bump up the value and curb appeal of your commercial property, landscaping can be one of them. Proper upkeep of your exterior space provides myriads of benefits. By way of illustration, did you know that a property’s aesthetics may entice your customers to seek more of your services or products? 

Now, is commercial landscaping something you can dabble in? Sure, but wouldn’t it be more prudent to focus on your business’ productivity and let a professional whose lifeblood is landscaping handle the job? Well, for commercial landscaping, click here to find a reliable landscaping expert. 

This post lets you in on the top 10 aspects you need to know about your commercial landscape and its elements. Let’s go into detail. 

1. You Get What You Pay For

Does a lower price imply a better service? Not always. If you’re considering a landscaping project, a budget is a priority. Most businesses don’t have unlimited access to funds and often allocate cash to a given activity. 

That said, exceptional landscaping requires meticulous attention to detail and involves a team of designers, technical staff, support workers, and more. The coordinated effort of such a crew is what delivers the results you are after. In all fairness, the value of the service such experts provide is worth a reasonable compensation, no? 

2. Learn the Ins and Outs of Landscaping

A lot goes into reshaping your commercial outdoor environment. Landscaping commences with an idea and takes shape through planning and design before execution. But there’s more. 

Go the whole hog by discussing other aspects such as warranty and maintenance –trimming, mulching, and fertilizing, among others. Keeping your landscape happy requires regular input. Thus, a landscaping company’s job doesn’t end upon installation. 

3. Establish Enduring Relationships

Hiring a commercial landscaper implies starting a business relationship that hopefully can last years. Look beyond the initial cost and weigh other elements such as ease of communication, a proactive approach to work and dealing with issues that emerge post-installation, and honesty, among other qualities. 

Go for a landscaping company that delivers what it promises. After all, a long-term association should be mutually beneficial.

4. Consider Long-term Gains

A properly maintained landscape gives your commercial space a welcoming feel. Plus, considering that your outdoor environment is the first thing your stakeholders (business partners, clients, employees, and suppliers) “interact with,” the relevance of improving your landscape becomes evident. 

Consider the long-term gains attributable to an investment in your landscape. These are wide-ranging and include improved employee productivity, a rise in your property’s value, improved privacy, time savings, and more. 

5. Minor Details Count

It’s the small foxes that spoil the vine. What are your contractual obligations and rights? Before putting pen to paper and giving a landscaper the green light to liven up your outdoor space, go over the terms and conditions. While you’re at it, establish common ground regarding issues such as service details, grievance-handling mechanisms, and maintenance schedules. 

6. Environmentally Responsiveness

The need to conserve the environment is an ever-present concern facing many organizations. Consider following suit as other enterprises look for environmentally safe approaches to resolving various issues. 

Some of the efforts you can take to maintain your landscape include using organic fertilizers and eco-friendly chemicals and installing intelligent irrigation systems to save water. Such mindful approaches to landscaping impact the environment while enhancing your space.

7. Consider The Climate

Regional climate affects the amount of rainfall in an area and leads to temperature fluctuations. Keep in mind that these factors easily affect your landscape. Please discuss the measures a landscaper has in mind to guard against inevitable elements. The plant species you select should also be well-adapted to the climate in your region. 

8. Enliven Your Entryway

Planters are an excellent option for adding a pop of color to your doorways. When picking planters and floral accents for your space, you’re spoilt for choice. Flowers can enhance the mood while taking an outdoor environment from meh to exciting. Creating an enjoyable environment for your stakeholders can, in turn, lead to valuable gains for your business. 

9. Landscape Maintenance

Don’t skimp on maintenance upon completion of a commercial landscape build. Talk to your landscaping company about the best approach to keeping your landscape looking neat and inviting. A properly maintained lawn, for instance, portrays a positive image of your business. 

Include landscape maintenance in your firm’s budget, and put the effort to maximize the long-term return on your investment. After all, proper maintenance beats replacing dying plants and flowers. 

10. Balance Form and Function

While commercial landscaping lends aesthetic appeal to your architecture, avoid turning a blind eye to functionality. Your property needs to be easily accessible. The landscape’s design should define your space while including other elements such as outdoor sitting spaces lighting (in case of nighttime access). 

In short, a commercial landscape creates a great initial impression and can shape your stakeholder’s and public’s perceptions. Now that you’re informed remember that involving an expert landscaper is a critical first step in recreating your space. 

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