There is always one person in the family who knows to do things better than everyone else, and this vibe of competition often makes you do things out of your comfort zone that doesn’t always yield the nicest results. Doing the most outward things maybe the deal maker for some people, but for many, it’s about being subtle but consistent.  And people who are trusted for being real and genuine from their hearts don’t have to worry about people judging their work or their effort towards an Indian festival. It is strongly believed that people are more intrigued and excited when love is the biggest of all in festivities and that materialistic things matter the least. This way, you don’t only win the hearts of your elders but even get a few hearts on social media if that at all counts. The beauty of Indian festivals is that you can do things common for them all, like celebrating Rakhi with sweets and sending kids Rakhi online is enough to make a day. For Christmas, if only you wear red and white, the vibe falls in the right place. In the same way, here are the most basic but heart-winning means of ruling Indian festivals. 

Decorate the House Temple

The temple in the house is the place where everyone sits to worship and pay regards, and moms love it the most when it is decorated with love and beauty. Use real flowers and petals for it, and it will be a memorable moment for you and your family. 

Dress Ethnic

Wear ethnic clothes like the elders in your house do. That does not only make everyone feel honey but reminds your parents of the time when they were kids, and their parents did the same for them. Also bored of usual dressing, it is a step up for you too. 

Flower Arrangements 

Decorate your house and yourself with flowers. Enjoy the natural scent of flowers in the decor by placing vases and water-filled pots with floating petals and diyas. Have some potpourri for it to be a heartthrob. Get fresh and real flowers only for a crazy effect. 

Return Gifts

Send everyone who comes to you with a return gift that can be a painter or a gold idol. Even if it is not a big party with a load of invitations you can always celebrate the custom amongst your family members and exchange gifts. 

New God Idols

Get new idols of gods for the celebration. It is probably a mist in many households and should be with the new spirit and positivity that knocks on our doors every year. You can surprise your parents by buying something they are not expecting, and you can always order online to ease your job and do some smart work. 

Homemade Food for Elders 

Your mom and dad always cook for you, and it is a rare chance that you decide to do the deed. On special occasions, you can help your parents cook, and you can astonish them with the food you make. Make traditional dishes only to keep the spirit of the occasion alive. And you can always refer to a grand mom’s recipe book or YouTube for reference. 

A Word of Love 

Talk to your loved ones with gratitude and let them know about your serene feelings for them. Talk to everyone individually and spread a work of love and happiness. Try to avoid using your phone and social media a lot to grasp it all and remember it forever. 

A Family Picture 

While the day is supposed to go on with a traditional approach, clicking a few pictures becomes a must. When you are all dressed in fancy attire and rocking your ethnic looks, click a few pictures with everybody.

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