Flowers have the ability to heal our souls and make us happy from within. That’s why flowers make the best gifts for any happy and joyous occasion, and also serve as offerings on mellow ones like a funeral or a memorial service.

Here in this article, we have discussed some of the most popular and beautiful flowers that look awesome as decorations, and are used in flower bouquets meant for gifting. Online flower shops like SnapBlooms have a huge collection of all these flowers. SnapBlooms offer you the best online flower delivery experience on a budget.


This comes as no surprise. Rose is the most popular, and arguably the most beautiful flower in the world. Rose is the national flower of both the USA and England. Roses come in various natural and artificially created colors, and each color of rose has a different meaning attached to it. White roses are the symbol of peace and spirituality. Yellow roses denote loyalty, friendship, and joy. Pink roses denote admiration, affection, and adoration, and red roses denote romantic and passionate love.

Red roses are the most popular and common flowers used in flower bouquets made for anniversary flowers delivery. Roses are also used in other bouquets such as a birthday flower bouquet, thank you bouquet, mother’s day bouquet, or sympathy flower arrangements. 


Lilies are the national flower of Italy and are extremely popular as decorative flowers. These big, bright, trumpet-shaped flowers come in more than 100 different varieties, each with its unique shape, color, and appearance. Some of the most popular and widely available varieties of lilies are Stargazer Lilies, Asiatic Lilies, Casablanca Lilies, Tiger Lilies, Calla Lilies, and Oriental Lilies.

Lilies come in so many different colors like white, orange, pink, yellow, and red. Lilies make excellent additions to celebratory flower bouquets. You can gift flower bouquets made entirely of lilies on occasions including birthday, first date, anniversary, graduation present, baby shower, housewarming, and congratulation bouquets. Here’s an interesting fact about lilies: It is the official flower for the 30th anniversary.


The name Daisy is derived from the expression ‘Day’s eye’. The classic daisy with white petals and a yellow core resembles the sun, hence the connotation ‘Day’s eye’. In mythology, it is believed that God created daisies to console the grieving parents of children who died at a young age. Not only that but daisy flowers have been associated with children and babies in various contexts throughout the ages. And for this reason, Daisy flowers are extensively included in presents and flower bouquets made for children. However, you can very well use Daisies for other purposes including Birthday Gifts, Romantic Love flower gifts, Get Well Soon bouquets, and more. SnapBlooms offers the best online flower delivery services for Daisies on various occasions.


Although Carnations are most popular for being inexpensive filler flowers, they look stunningly beautiful as the sole element of a flower bouquet too. Carnations come in shades of Red, Pink, Green, and White. It is believed that when Mother Mary saw Christ crucified, her tears turned into white carnations. That’s why, white carnations are closely associated with motherly love, and are very popular as mother’s day presents. Carnation is also the birth month flower for all the January babies out there. Pink and red carnations are used as alternatives to roses and included an anniversary flowers delivery often. For the best online flower delivery of carnations and other attractive flowers, visit the SnapBlooms online floral marketplace and place your order.


Tulip is the national flower of the Netherlands where the majority portion of all the world’s tulips is cultivated. However, tulips are believed to be originating from the middle-east, more specifically, from Turkey during the Ottoman empires. Tulips are one of the most popular garden flowers that are found across the world including Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Tulips come in many colors such as yellow, purple, red, orange, and pink. Tulips are used in various kinds of flower bouquets and floral arrangements, but they are the most famous as romantic love flowers. 

So, these are the most popular flowers that are perfect for floral bouquets. Apart from these, some other great choices are Hydrangea, Sunflower, Dianthus, Peony, Anemone, and different types of Orchids.

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