If you’re reading this by now, you may probably read manga and wish to be one of the great mangakas in the world. For as long as manga has been around in Japan, there have been those who have asked the question, “How should I structure my manga books?” The most common way to answer this is with a flowchart. These types of diagrams can help you determine the order of events in your story should take and where they should fall within the overall structure of your manga books. While they help give you a general idea of how your manga books should look and feel, they’re not always the right guide for every story.

If you’re new to manga or still learning the ropes, this might seem like the perfect time to start outlining your story. After all, who doesn’t want to know exactly how their story should be structured from the very beginning? However, if you’ve already read thousands of manga books and found that the outline format doesn’t quite work for you, you might want to consider another option. As you begin structuring your story, it’s important to consider why you’re doing it and what’s heavily influenced the story. Do you want to follow a certain outline format or do you want to tell your story the way it needs to be told? If you haven’t yet figured that out, here are some things you should consider before you begin structuring your story:

Consider the Audience for Your Manga!

Before you even think about outlining your story, you should think about the person or group of people who want to read your releases. While you may intend to make a manga book for yourself, you should remember that there is a whole world of readers out there who may not share your interest in certain topics or topics at all. Since there are people who prefer genres such as romance-drama or action-comedy or mystery-fantasy, or adventure of a titan, everyone has their own taste that represents the world of manga.

If you’re writing about something that isn’t particularly popular, hit vol, bestsellers, or doesn’t interest a large portion of the population, your story could end up as just another niche manga book. On the other hand, if you choose to tell a story about superheroes, you may find that there is an overwhelming demand for your content. And mostly these Japanese comic books are translated into other languages, mostly English. Also, don’t forget about the certain ages of the audience you want to have.

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Decide What Your Manga Story’s About!

Before you can figure out how to structure your story, you first have to figure out what the comic books are about. You may have an idea of what your story is about or you may prefer to let the story unfold as you write. However, to make any progress, you must have an idea of what your story’s about or what genre will you take.

You may decide your story is about a specific topic or influenced by a current event, or about the culture and tradition in Japan, you may simply let the subject matter be determined by the characters. Whatever you decide, you must make sure this is reflected in your story’s outline.

Decide What You Want to Accomplish!

Beyond deciding what your story’s about, you should also decide and be aware of what you want to accomplish with your story. This will help you determine where to begin your manga and give you a general direction.

You may want to accomplish something specific with your manga books, such as addressing your taking on a certain issue, real-life-based scenarios, or telling a certain genre of story. For example, animes about bullying may focus on the effects of bullying on a specific character or victims may take a more philosophical approach to their situation.

While you can certainly tackle more than one issue in a single manga book, it’s important to decide which types of issues you want to address and why.

Draw Up a Plot Diagram for Your Manga Book!

Once you have your overarching storyline and corresponding scenes, you can begin to plot out your story’s events. To do this, you will need a plot diagram for your manga.

A plot diagram is simply a visual representation of events in your mangaowl books. You can use this diagram to help you stay organized and remind you of what your story is about and what events you want to include in your graphic novels. Some storytellers like to plot out each chapter as well, though this is not a requirement.

Consistency is Key!

Once you have your plot and corresponding scenes laid out, you will want to make sure they remain consistent with one another. When it comes to consistency, the rule of thumb is “if it’s happening in the story, it should be in the plot.” This means that if two events are happening at the same time in the story, they should also happen at the same time in the plot.

For example, if a character is hiding in the shadows as another character is being attacked by a wild animal, that character should also be hiding in the shadows as he/she plots the attack.

If you find that your plot is moving forward in a non-chronological order, it may be because you are trying to include too many scenes or are trying to cram too much into your story. Scenes that appear out of order may confuse readers and tangle your plot, but there are ways to avoid this.

Where Can You Post Your Work?

Mangago is a free site that you may visit to read manga online. That’s what most people know but in actuality, Mangago is a great site to publish content. With growing numbers of visitors through the years, you may find here the kind of audience you were looking for. You may also love the huge array of genres it offers, including action, romance, adventure, fantasy, mystery, and comedy. Examples of the manga you may encounter are One-piece, Death Note, One punch man, and Attack on titan.

Moreover, it doesn’t support third-party advertisements and can be opened on different devices such as smartphones, pc, laptops, and tablets. And you can tell your friend to read your manga on the site. Besides, there is no registration and you’re not required to subscribe to have access to Mangago. In addition, authors have the access to read all the reviews posted about their published manga. Critics are good, you know. This could work as shelves for your written manga books. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the most famous writer in Japan.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have an idea of what makes up a good manga story and how to structure it, it’s time to get started writing your manga books! Whether you want to create and represent a classic adventure tale or something a little more modern, there are plenty of ways to go about it. The only limit is your imagination. Put your love on your works. Experience the thrill of reading a negative and positive comment about your manga. 

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