As a couple, you may decide to have a new baby; your decision may be from the place of infertility or just the love for children. 

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The arrival of a child into your family is a great experience because you’re not experiencing joy; you’re also giving a child a home. 

If that’s your desire, this article covers the process of adopting a baby. 

Processes of Adopting a Baby

Know What You Want.

There are several factors to consider before adopting a child. They include the following:

  • Whether you are adopting domestically or internationally.
  • What sex are you particular about?
  • Do you wish to adopt from another race?
  • Are you financially and emotionally fit to care for a baby?

These and more questions will guide your thought and choice as regards adoption. You can do research online and offline, join a support group, and network. 

Choose an Adoption Agency or Attorney

Working with both an agency and a lawyer is necessary. While on this, do well to evaluate the agency you intend to work with and request their records. Make sure it is a state-licensed agency. 

Choose an agency that can cover counseling needs, house assessment, and financial analysis. 

There are many lawyers out there.  While at that, don’t go with anyone you find. Seek a good relationship and understanding with your lawyer because the adoption process can be overwhelming. 

Note that both an agency and a lawyer will require a fee, have that in mind. 

Get to Know the Family Involved

This stage allows you to meet the birth parent if you are adopting a baby whose parents are still alive. This will be put together by your adoption agency. 

After a match is made and both parties agree, communication can go on smoothly through their desired means. Birth parents can send and receive calls and emails from adoptive parents. 

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Complete the Legal and Social Processes

Your agency will request some documents and a home study which a social worker will do. 

A social worker will visit your home to confirm that your house is safe and secure. Your family history, personality, and medical records will be considered. 

Also, your lawyer will review your criminal record and ensure you’re legally eligible to adopt a baby. 

Finalization Process

This is the height of the moment. With that, any mistake made can mar the whole process. 

Firstly, the adoptee will be placed with you for 6 months (it can vary based on state law). During this period, your home will be open to visits from a social worker. 

The social worker will note down your progress and make a recommendation to the court through the adoption agency. 

Your lawyer will help file to the court for the final process. 

If you’re adopting from another country, your lawyer will make sure you fulfill all immigration requirements of that country. 

Build Your Home

Once your finalization process is done, prepare your home for a new arrival. Make sure you have all the requirements as stated by the social worker. 

Do well to obey all legal and social laws related to child adoption. Enjoy your home.

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