Did you know the chances of becoming the victim of a violent crime in Chicago are 1 in 105 because guns are illegal there? 

On the other hand, there are places such as Kennesaw, Georgia that created a gun law requiring every head of household to own a loaded gun.

From the moment that law was incepted, crime declined immediately.   To this day, there is a 1 in 643 chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime in Kennesaw. 

There are many benefits to firearm ownership. Below we have outlined some firearm safety tips for you as a new gun owner. 

Comfort Zone

With gun ownership, education is key. The NRA has many resources for this purpose. 

Take a class or two on firearm safety. This will be a great help in finding the correct weapon for you. Cooper Firearms can help you find the weapon that suits you best. 

Once you have pegged the right weapon for your needs, practice with it regularly. Not only does this help with your aim, but it desensitizes you and makes you ready to use your weapon under pressure-filled circumstances. 

If you’re getting a firearm to carry on your person, try carrying it empty at first. This will help you get used to the weight of the gun and the responsibility of carrying it.

It will be far easier to use your weapon for defense if you are very familiar with it (and carrying it is a big part of that). 

Accessibility, and Storage 

Storing your weapon safely and strategically at home is vital. It’s important to keep it in a secure location and keep it easily accessible in the event of an emergency.

You don’t want your gun to be somewhere you can’t access if an intruder is entering your home. There are many ways to hide guns throughout your home. 

If you have small children, be sure to educate them often to keep them out of danger. Keeping your weapons in a gun safe with children is also recommended. 


Here’s the worst-case scenario: a bad situation comes your way and you need to defend yourself, but can’t because your gun jammed. Lack of maintenance can mean the difference between life and death.

Accumulated moisture, dirt, and grease can build up in a weapon and prevent it from firing properly.

Be sure to unload your gun first before cleaning. The last thing you want is to clean your weapon and have it cause an accidental accident or death because the ammunition was left in the chamber. 

Never handle a gun while using any kind of alcohol or medications that alter your mind and clarity of thinking. 

Responsible Firearm Ownership 

Every time a law-abiding citizen is properly educated, the world becomes a safer place to live. 

A smart gun owner will store their firearms properly and clean them regularly. 

For more information about firearm ownership and safety, keep coming to visit our blog! We are always updating our content with you in mind!

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