Finding dependable, quality, affordable, and trusted roofing companies in Montgomery can be challenging. The Internet alone is overwhelming! It’s even more confusing when you consider that it’s often difficult to tell if what you’re reading is factual or not.

Read to learn how to find a roofing contractor you can trust who will save you dollars and ensure your roof is done right and on time.


Get recommendations from friends and family who have had their roofs replaced recently. They’ll tell you which contractors they liked best, what impressed them, and whether or not they felt like their projects went smoothly.

Checking out some of these reviews is also helpful: when looking up contractors online (whether on Yelp or Angie’s List), read both the positive and negative comments left by past clients. It will give you an idea of how each company operates regarding customer service, professionalism, efficiency in completing projects on time/budget, and much more! 

License, Bond, and Insurance

To ensure the best experience with a roofing contractor, ensure that they are licensed, bonded, and insured. A license ensures they have passed all necessary tests and inspections, proving they know what they are doing. Having a bond protects you against loss in case of default by your roofing contractor (i.e., if they don’t complete their work on time). Finally, insurance protects you and your property from damage caused by faulty work done by an unlicensed or uninsured company.

Review the Warranty

A company with a good product warranty has confidence in its products and has no reason to lie about their quality. If a company has a bad product warranty, they don’t have confidence in them or have something to hide.

A good warranty should cover any damage before the product reaches your home (for example, if it’s damaged during shipping). It should also cover any damage due to normal wear and tear over time (for example, if it leaks after five years).

When looking at warranties, look out for things like:

  • Does it cover all parts of the process? Some companies offer only installation warranties, while others include full-service packages covering everything from installation to maintenance and repair.
  • How long does it last? Most roofs need replacing every 15 years, so make sure your warranty covers that period.
  • Check if hidden fees or other conditions are attached to the warranty—if so, ask what they are before signing.

Competitive Pricing

You don’t want to spend more than you have to on your roof, but you also don’t want to go with someone who charges too little and doesn’t do a good job. Try to get estimates from three contractors in your area. Ask each of them how much they charge per square foot for various shingles (different materials will cost more or less depending on where you live). 

Project Timeline

Your contractor should give you a project timeline that includes start and end dates, as well as any other important milestones. If the contractor is not realistic about their timeline, delays and extra costs will ensue.

Check with your local building department or talk to other contractors in your area to find out what’s typical regarding construction timelines.


Communication is essential in every project. A good contractor will inform you of the project timeline and progress so that you can plan accordingly. You should also easily reach your contractor if there are any issues or if you have questions about something on the job site. If a contractor cannot be reached, then it may be best for you to find another one who is willing to communicate with you when needed.

Get a Contract In Writing

It’s a legally binding agreement that outlines the responsibilities of both parties. It can also help you avoid disputes and ensure you have something to fall back on if something goes wrong.

Here are things your roofing contractor should include in their contract:

  • A timeline for when they’ll start and finish the job, along with any delays or extensions (if applicable)
  • A price quote for the work, including all parts and labor costs
  • An outline of the scope of work—along with anything extra (like painting)

Homeowners looking for a roofing contractor should ask friends and family for recommendations. It is possible to find quality work without a recommendation, but it may take more time. You should research before committing to a contractor. Ask for past customers’ contact information, and call them to discuss your needs and get their opinion on the company’s work. In addition, check any reviews available online to see what other customers have said about the company.

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