Solar energy is making the world a better place. Not only does it offer a way to power our homes and businesses without destroying the environment, but it saves us tons of money as well.

Rays from the sun are completely free, and they are guaranteed to come back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. We never have to worry about energy from the sun disappearing.

Are you wondering if you should invest in solar? While it can be useful across the nation, the best states for solar energy are those with the most amount of consistent sunshine throughout the year.

Want to know which states those are? Keep reading to find out if your state makes the list of the best states for solar this year. 

What Makes Certain States Better for Solar Power?

Those considering solar power for home electricity are wondering how quickly their investment will pay off. Will it actually save them money? And if so, when do the savings start?

The biggest factor is how much sun an area receives. When areas receive more sunshine, the solar panels can convert more rays into electricity, making it more effective for your home.

Thus, sunnier states have faster payback times. But it’s not just the sunniest states. Some states simply have faster payback times and a higher return on investment than others.  Considering all these factors, these are the states that make solar power cost worth it the fastest. 


California currently ranks as the state with the most solar power. In fact, it has many times more solar panels across the state than any other. It currently has enough solar power to power millions of homes.

With most of the state receiving tons of annual sunshine and many green energy incentives for businesses and residents, California is the perfect place for solar investment. 


Solar savings in Texas are very real. Texas already has a lot of solar panels installed across the state, powering many thousands of homes.

While the overall percentage of solar energy use in Texas is tiny compared to traditional electricity, this poises Texas for real growth in the coming years, and could easily top the list of most solar use in the country.

North Carolina

You wouldn’t expect an eastern state like North Carolina to rank so highly, but after California, it has the highest percentage of homes powered by solar. It beats out many states that are much larger than it.


Florida, the sunshine state, also ranks highly on this list. With year-round sunshine, powering your Florida home with solar panels is easy. 


In an alpine state like Colorado, you wouldn’t think solar power would be effective. But actually, many parts of the state have an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, making it a great place to invest in solar panels.

Is Your State on the Best States for Solar Energy List?

The best states for solar energy are simply those that have the most sunshine and the most homes powered by solar. They are the easiest and most affordable states to have panels installed by solar companies.

Hopefully, more and more states will prioritize solar power in the next few years, as only a handful of states have at least 10% of their homes powered by solar energy.

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