If you have been thinking about the best gift to get your kid, it is possible that a pet might have crossed your mind. And as you imagined, your little one will surely benefit from a new puppy in the home. Not just kid’s dogs have been known to warm up to adults and other pets as well, especially when in a family setting. But you want to make sure to get your choice right. 

This means that you will have to decide on the best dog breed to bring home. Not sure about the best dog breeds for kids? You can find some kids and family-friendly suggestions below.

Choosing Pets for Kids

When it comes to choosing the right pet for kids, you want to always consider your little one. And if you look closely or think carefully, you may get an idea of which one they would love best. For the most part, toddlers between the ages of 3 and 7 could be less bothered so long they find them interesting to play with. But as they get older, they may be selective on which canine they prefer. 

So if you are shopping to adopt a pet for an older kid, it may be best to ask them which they prefer. However, you can check the dog breeds list below for those that are kids friendly if that’s what you are looking to bring home.

Basset Hound

The floppy ears and puppy eyes are some of the reasons why both kids and adults melt at the sight of the Basset Hound. These low-maintenance dogs are some of the loyal breeds on the planet. They could care less if other pets or kids are stealing the attention at home so long as they are a part of the family. And you can be sure that it will be easy for your little one to bond with it.

You will need to ensure that they get the right diet and try not to overfeed them. They could quickly become docile if they put on much weight.  

Jack Russell

If you don’t mind the sight of your little one all cuddled up in bed or on the mat with their pet dog, then the Jack Russell could be the right pick. They enjoy warmth and love and are not shy to reciprocate the attention. They could also be highly protective and loyal, so you can be sure that your little one has got a pal they can rely on always. 

They are confident and love to enjoy a nice time outdoors running up and down the yard. So if you have just the space to match, they could be the right choice for your kid.

Golden Retriever

This list will be incomplete without mentioning one of the most popular family dogs in the US. They can be the ideal option if you are looking for a loyal pal for your little one. Their bright golden color is loved by many canine owners all over. So you can be sure that kids would love them too. Combined with their friendly personality and warmth for kids, you could benefit a lot from a Golden Retriever in the house. 

You should know that they do shed a lot so you will have to be ready for a good deal of grooming. But other than this, they do make it for every member of the family to love them.


If you are more interested in a compact dog that the kids will love, the Pug could be the ideal choice to go for. For one, they have a great sense of humor and could be a delight to stare at. Aside from their playful nature, they do well in an apartment. So if you happen to be interested in an indoor pet that would be happy to lay on your lap and not be much of a mess, the Pug is one to reckon with. 

They are a good choice for novice owners looking for a friendly pet that can warm up to the family quickly. You want to consider choosing a Pug. Need tips on how to train dogs? The link here https://www.petmd.com/dog/training/when-start-training-puppy has some of the basic training tips for puppies. 


A first glance at a Beagle, and you surely will fall in love except you are not a dog person. I still remember when growing up and had to always dash off to my friend who had a Beagle just so we could run around in the yard. They are well known to be energetic and this could be because they were originally bred to hunt. But they are great with kids and other members of the family who they won’t hesitate to protect at the slightest sign of danger.

English Bulldog

The tough-looking English Bulldog is certainly one that the big boys will love. They are a good choice if you are looking for an apartment dog you can trust to blend in with the family. They are highly affectionate towards the family and do well too with strangers. But you want to be careful leaving them alone at home, as they could do damage before you return. 

Take note that these like to be the only canine in the house, so it may be best if you avoid bringing them home to other pets or adding another to the pack once they have settled in.


Another quality choice if you need a dog the kids will love is the Collie. They have a friendly nature which makes them warm up easily to other pets and humans. They are energetic and will surely enjoy a nice time outdoors at the park or yard. But you should know that they can be a handful to groom since they shed a lot. 

But they do make up for their over-shedding by way of looking after the family like their own kids. You can check here for ways to groom your dog at home. 

Final Note

With many different dog breeds available to choose from, you want to think carefully when making the right choice for kids. You want to go for dogs with a good temperament that is highly affectionate towards the family. If you intend to have other pets as well, you want to make sure that they aren’t hostile towards other animals. 

You will have to consider feeding, grooming, and their health needs when making your choice. So you want to research extensively when deciding on the right one to pick.

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