The Patek Philippe luxury watch company is among the few companies that have been firmly standing since the 1800s. With its exquisite and top-tier watch collections, anyone who purchases a Patek Philippe watch has excellent taste and a sense of appreciation for what watch brand to collect. 

Moreover, Patek Philippe has over 80 various patents. All of these timepieces received their recognition among watch collectors and onlookers. Also, the quality of their every timepiece is beyond your expectations. Not just that, it comes with a lot of astonishing features. To know more about Patek Philippe watch collections, check these out: 

Patek Philippe 5205R-001 Model

The first watch that you should check out is the Patek Philippe 5205R-001 model from the famous Complications series of the Patek Philippe collection. It features a remarkable opaline white analog dial. Also, the Roman Numerals indexes of this model come with splendid Dauphine hands.  

Moreover, the bursting round gold-toned casing of this watch showcases its luxurious yet sturdy part. Also, the casing is not just for aesthetics. It also comes with sapphire crystals that make it resistant to scratches and shatter. The casing has a transparent back with a size of 40 mm and a thickness of 11.36 mm. It is designed for comfort since it comes with easy-to-wear genuine leather. 

The company is known for its meticulous choices when it comes to the primary parts of the watch. Thus, they place their very own caliber 324 S QA LU 24H/206 as its movement. It also comes with jewels installed inside so that friction would be lesser within the parts. Lastly, this watch is suitable for your water sports activities because of its water-resistant feature!

Patek Philippe 5196R-001 Model

Here’s another top-of-the-line watch from the Calatrava series of the Patek Philippe collection. This watch has a remarkable opaline-hued dial. The indexes, along with the dazzling dauphine hands, go well together. If you need an exquisite men’s watch, this model will surely fit your taste. 

In addition, the watch has a round 18kt rose gold casing with a solid back. Since it is a luxury watch, it also has expensive sapphire crystals that guarantee to make the watch resistant to shatter and scratches. The diameter is around 37 mm and has a thickness of 7.86 mm. 

The watch also comes with an in-house Patek Philippe Calibre 215 PS. It has a self-winding feature and has a diameter of 21.9 mm. Also, 18 jewels were placed inside the watch so that the bearing and other internal parts. The stored power of this timepiece is up to 44 hours and has a water-resistant feature that can go for 30 meters deep. 

Patek Philippe 5980R-001 Model

One of the most famous collections of Patek Philippe is the Nautilus series. It was first introduced in the market in 1976. Even if it sounds so old to you, the looks and features of this watch will still surpass some of the newest models of Patek Phillippe and other brands. Also, this watch is suitable for your sports activities.

The watch has an exquisite and classy black analog-typed dial. With an alluring rose-gold minute and hour hands, one can say that it has timeless designs. Also, the indexes of the watch perfectly suit its dazzling luminescent finish. You can surely wear this in any event, even if it is designed as a sports watch. 

Moreover, it has an elegant yet durable rose-gold casing with a skeleton back. The unique oval shape of its casing also makes it more alluring, and it has a perfect ratio of diameter and thickness. Also, this wristwatch comes with a comfortable and easy-to-wear genuine leather band.

This Patek Philippe watch has an in-house Patek Philippe Calibre CH 28-520 C as its movement. The movement or caliber is among the primary parts of a watch. Thus, Patek Philippe ensures you the best materials used in crafting your timepiece. Moreover, it has a self-winding feature and also comes with jewels. 


Patek Philippe is an old company, yet it is one of the best watch companies in the world. With its highly recognized watches, any watch collector would surely want to have some of their collection. Also, you should check out some of its other watch collections so that you can have a wide selection.

Moreover, if you are new to collecting a luxury watch, do more research on what type of watch suits you best. Even if the price of every Patek Philippe is high, bear in mind that the quality of a watch will always surpass its amount.

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