Going from working in an office to set up your own business from home can be a big adjustment. While running your own home business and working from home can often be much nicer than rushing to get into the office every morning, the once clear boundaries between your home life and your work life can often be blurred and might leave you feeling like you are working all the time. Along with this, for many people, one of the biggest challenges of setting up a home business is a lack of separate office space. Running your business from home can be challenging enough without having to do it from your kitchen table or in the same room as the rest of your family, plus there are some mistakes that as a business owner one should avoid

How Much Office Space You Need

The good news is that when it comes to choosing how much office space you need for your home business, you do not need an elaborate or even a large home office to be productive. You can easily turn a spare bedroom, conservatory, or another small room in your home into your home office so that you have somewhere private and quiet to work. 

Desk Space

Working from home can quickly become tiring if you don’t have a desk space to work at. While it can be nice at times to work from the sofa when you don’t have a lot to do and want to be more comfortable while working, it’s always good to have a proper desk and chair for those times where you need to really focus. You might want to consider investing in a sit-stand desk so that you can alternate between sitting and standing and avoid some of the pressure that working at a computer for longer periods of time can put on your body. An ergonomic desk chair that supports you in all the right places is another good investment to make. 


A laptop is usually a better option in comparison to a PC if you are setting up a business from home. This is because laptops are portable, and when you are self-employed you may have the freedom to work from wherever you like, which you’ll want to take advantage of. The type of laptop that you will need will depend on the type of business you are running and the kind of work you do, but you don’t often have to spend a lot of money. These budget business laptops from Lenovo are a great starting option. 


While a laptop offers more freedom and portability, you may be interested in getting some accessories for working from home and running your business. Many home business owners prefer having a second monitor to work from as this can be easier, especially if you are running two or more applications at the same time. A good keyboard and separate computer mouse might also help with completing your work more efficiently. 

No matter what kind of business you want to start from home, setting up a good home office can help with productivity, efficiency, and success. 

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